Are The Democrats Trying to Cheat to Win the 2020 Election Through mail-in voting system?

The Democrats Trying to Cheat to Win the 2020 Election Through mail-in voting system?

Its a bit ironic to accuse the GOP and Trump admin to prevent the election to happen when the democrats and far liberals left had being pushing mail-in voting system which is alot easier to cheat for your Candidate.

I noticed how the democrats had being very very desperate as if its their life’s on the line to push this mail in voting system. Not alot of countries are using this kind of system.

Now here’s question democrat supporters.

If you can go into wall marts and wait in lines even though knowing that going to wall mart might not be safe because you can problary catch the covid why cant you go in person and vote?

Voting in person only takes a few minutes or seconds to decide and then its done your vote would be counted.

Why even in Euporean Countries they would be using vote in person. So i dont see how in America this should change and please dont give me the covid excuse.

You are still going to wall marts are you? and with face masks and physical distancing right?

Yes…they’re attempting to give plenty of opportunities for fraud, corruption to take place.


I saw a ep of Tim Pool who said someone in his community recvied a mail in vote ballot but with the wrong name.

I wont be surprised if this is happening already but isnt reported as heavily. If i were a democrat i wouldnt be accusing Trump of this when knowing its their side whose being pushing this kind of voting system.

This voting system method is unpopular in Europe

Yes they are.

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YES of course they are trying to cheat in the 2020 election and it’s as plain as the lying noses on their faces. :lying_face:

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They are doing the works of their father, the prince of darkness, who comes only to lie, steal and destroy.

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Heck yeah I am going to cheat. In fact, I am going to send in as many ballots as they mail to me. Moreover, I have an uber scan app that will copy and print hundreds of ballots, all with my name on it. It’s fantastic. No way with they they can possibly catch that.


It’s not just Democrats but the entire establishment…hence…the Lincoln project. The establishment will do anything to remove Trump and they’ve done a great job sheoplizing their constituents.

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What makes mail-in more fraudulent than in person?

How much fraud is accepted in a human operated system?

Anyone in this thread ever voted via mail?

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Fraud is the only way after Obamagate, Ukrainegate, Uranium one gate, Chinagate and on and on.

This will be my first time.

There are a lot of folks like me who are very high risk. And we are able to get groceries and meals delivered. My wife goes out very infrequently and she will be going to vote in person. But I will be voting by mail as it is allowed in my state. I have been reading a lot of articles both pro and con on mail voting.
And I just don’t see where the concerns are justified. I have a friend who is a precinct worker. And he told me that there is little opportunity for ballot box stuffing. I think that it is interesting that Trump would put out the narrative that mail voting is evil, except for Florida. I guess he got the news that the Florida mail in voting it to the Republicans advantage.

Sadly, this is about the only trick Trump has left up his sleeve. He’s been throwing everything at the wall, and nothing is sticking. Now, he’s just accused a lot of patriotic Americans of cheating, pissing them off and ensuring that they will come out en masse (or mail their ballot in) with Joe Biden selected in the President slot.

Not a very good strategy if you ask me.


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One thing that is for sure, Trump watches the polls a lot. And he is smart enough to realize how far he is behind. I have heard reports from inside the campaign that at least once a week he blows up at his campaign managers and tells them that it just can’t be possible that he is losing to Biden.
After the last election Trump made the claim that he had not lost the popular vote to Clinton because many millions of illegals voted in California. And then he set up a panel to prove it headed by a guy who truly believed that voter fraud was running rampant in the US. And the panel couldn’t do much because a whole bunch of states would not turn over voter data to them. But there were some states that did. And after a year they were not able to publish how they had found fraud and the panel was dissolved. I think that Trump thinks that if he looses the election that he can deem it illegal and stay in office. Film at eleven.

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Let’s see.

Nice big dispute about the legitimacy of the election, could be the spark that burns everything down.

I voted absentee in the military for years, which was of course by mail.

We need to stop calling it voting by mail, and call it absentee voting. There’s no practical difference, and Trump is fine with absentee voting.

How big is the problem? We can’t achieve 0% fraud in a human operated system… so what is acceptable?

130 million votes casted in 2016… if 5% were fraudulent, that’s 6.5 million. 1% is 1.3 million. .5% is 650k.

What is acceptable?