Are statues and monument really important to pereserve history

I really don’t get this idea, I can understand preserving cemeteries and battlefield. but no one learn about the civil war or history from driving by a statue or sitting by one in a park.

no one get upset when a 100 year building in NY is renovated.

I would say they have as much effect on preserving history as they have effect on racial tensions and people’s emotions.

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I actually dislike feting of human beings in such a manner. We should not elevate anybody to demigod status.

They should all be removed from public areas.

Take their pictures off our money and restore the beautiful currency we used to have.

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The only statue that isn’t a war memorial that I think is proper is the statue of Galahad on Parliament hill which is dedicate to heroic of an average panic pushing civil servant who dived into a frozen river to try and save someone he never met before.

What currency would that be?

Paper currency has featured the likenesses of the founders since the beginning, coinage on the other hand has featured the likeness of Liberty since the 1790s.

that isn’t true the first treasury notes didn’t have any founder on them.
they only issue coins prior to the national reserve act.

Anybody offended by these statues in Boston Commons?

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There were some political figures on the Civil War era greenbacks, but not on all the denominations and the portraits of the figures were more subdued.

Here is a United States Note from 1901.

While it had portraits of men, they at least were part of a theme of historical exploration. And they were not politicians. When Presidents and politicians were featured, they generally shared the face of the note with other artwork, with the theme of the note not centered around them.

It was not until 1928 when the Presidential centric notes we know today came into issue.

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I should note that the United States did not issue any paper currency between the end of the Revolutionary War (Continentals), until 1861 (Greenbacks).

All paper money in circulation between those two periods was issued by private banks.

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Theres a statue of Mr. Rogers in Pittsburgh that I wholeheartedly approve of.

Other than, I couldn’t care less about statues.

If I was the Pope I would make Mr. Roger an saint.
Its thank to Mr. Roger that another man who worked with him for a short period of time started Mr. Dressup up a similar show on CBC.

Yes they matter and are worth preserving.

You can read all the books, watch all the videos, listen to all the speeches but nothing has the same impact of physically being there, seeing the monuments, battlefields, memorials etc in person.


Well that certainly isn’t true.

Where do such fabrications even come from?

About fifty years before passage of The Federal Reserve Act.

Over 130 years before the FRA.

I wonder how often those ducks are covered with pigeon crap…

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Can’t have the New World Order when countries cling to their culture and history.

Whoever thinks it will stop at southern generals are fooling themselves here is the Churchill statue that was vandalized, covered up with cement protection

How would BLM be doing in Britain with no Churchill :thinking:

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Churchill was pretty racist. He had a “white savior” mentality about non whites. And more specifically non-Anglos. That’s why he fought so hard to save the Empire when a good portion of Brits (like the entire Labor party) wanted to throw the burden off and focus more on social welfare. He felt that Africans, most centrally black Africans like Kenyans, weren’t intellectually and morally advanced enough to function without British oversight.

That said, he wasn’t any worse than any other “sophisticated” Brit of his time. And I like Churchill a lot and his statues shouldn’t be vandalized. Far as I can tell, his racist views were “white savior” type. Which, while horrible, isn’t nearly as bad as the racism of a guy like George Wallace.

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That’s because Canada is our hat.

I watched Mr. Dressup as a kid, since I grew up in Detroit and we had a good CBC signal. Channel 9! Hockey Night in Canada every Wednesday and Saturday was a must in our house. Darryl Sittler was my favorite hockey player after Bobby Clarke.

Only a matter of time now before libs go after the gravestones.