Are robot-mounted machine guns headed towards the battlefields of the world?

A video from Russia shows a small machine gun on a Chinese dog robot.

Given the state of the art in imaging, the video could well be a fake. On the other hand, robot dogs are real, and mounting a small machine gun on one is certainly within current technology.

Are similar devices already in the labs of multiple countries?

Are they headed towards the battlefields?

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These things are scary in person.

Yes, what used to be science fiction is now for sale on the internet. The robot in the video could be a student project for Russian robotics engineers.

Of course if the Pentagon bought it, the Chinese dog robot could easily go up by a factor of 100 or more.

Black Mirror world here we come.


That show was a warning masquerading as fiction.


Cheap knockoffs of the ones from Boston Dynamics.


That’s what the Chinese are good at.

They steal our ■■■■■ Make it cheaper. And then sell it back to us and everyone else around the world.


Sometimes, I suspect Charlie Brooker might actually be from the future and stranded in our time.

Are they legal here in the US? Should they be?

The next generation will have the weapon concealed within a casing and a completely different design, as features for human hands and human sights are unnecessary. Weather and tamper proofing, fed by a 200 round, or larger drum style ammunition system and only enough of the barrel showing to allow a muzzle brake to dampen recoil motion.

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My dark mind was imagining one of those robodogs as they are in the video, except the upper portion where the gun is is surrounded by a wrapped box like a present. Then it open fires on a crowd.

I think there will be a interesting point in the future where military weapons tech has evolved to a point where the idea that the 2nd Amendment exists for any purpose beyond self-defense is moot. Like we’re already at the point that civilians aren’t allowed access to any and all military grade weapons, despite the militia clause, and were very close to the point, if not past it, where the military has access to weapons that make it such that the civilian population would never stand a chance should they need to fight the government with force.

So you think only national armies will have access to automated weapons systems like this? This type of tech will increase the need for individuals to be able to defend themselves.


Legal access? For sure

You would think they would teach that robot how to anticipate recoil.

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Our foes knew to aim low, and let the recoil bring the rounds up your leg and crotch. Body armor is for suckers. :wink:

Or just add a muzzle brake.

There is nothing illegal about owning a semi-automatic weapon in standard rifle calibers.

I thought you were referring to the robot gun dogs

As long as it in a standard caliber and not fully automatic, just what law would owning one break?