Are mounted police the answer for dealing with Antifa?

Beating up, bombing, blinding, and/or spitting on cops is no big deal for Antifa.

On the other hand, they do not seem interested in bothering horses. That would be cruel, and PETA would object.

Here is a video of mounted police breaking up Antifa/BLM crowds blocking a road in Austin:

Are mounted police the answer for dealing with Antifa?


Maybe Austin has a bunch of weenies for rioters?

This isn’t the only instance, just the first one I found.

Sometimes the horse wins.


That is pretty funny. I haven’t been around horses too much, but I worked on a dairy farm when I was a teenager and not only do cows kick, but they have this sideways kind of kick as well as the classic one from the rear so you have to be careful there, too.

A complete idiot…the horse stayed cool when raving nut attacked.

We call it “cow kick”. Horses can do it to.

Takes a special kind of stupid to feel enough rage to attack a horse.

Hopefully, she learned a valuable lesson in that exchange, if not, hopefully the horse got a little extra grain that night for good timing.


Back to topic, I’m thinking mounted police would be expensive to maintain for a limited mission.

That does indeed present a philosophical dilemma for the left. On the one hand they absolutely want to see as many cops injured as possible yet they do not want to harm animals. :crazy_face:


Immensely expensive.

Oh yeah?!?


Sure worked well in Colorado City, CO as well.

It was hilarious watching the trolls ridden out of town.

I’d love to see that full video.

Looks fake.

I’d like to see the full video, if it’s a fake it’s a good one.

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He flew too far. The resolution is low, so it’s weird to call it a good looking fake.

No he didn’t a horse that size can deliver one hell of a kick.

That’s only 12-15’ if he’s six feet tall.

Nothing like that. The mechanics don’t play out like that.