Are more pandemics likely in coming years?

Did I make any comment as to the possible origin of this coronavirus?

I believe I made a comment about people living in a world where they believe in shadow conspiracies whose goal is to make us all slaves.

I mean…I guess it’s living a life, but…not a life I would choose as worth living.

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Welcome to the Global War on Pandemics. Enjoy the next 20 years of being told how many people you may have in your own home, when and where you may travel, and how you will dress.

If you have nothing to hide… :wink:


In fact, there is not overwhelming or very good evidence that the virus was man-made. If there was, more people would be in agreement that SARs 2 was man-made. But the current consensus is that the virus occurred organically.

I’m sure more are coming. But we can’t lock people down and require mandates ever again. This did nothing but cause more misery. It must never be allowed to be repeated.

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leftists arent going to let go of those reins. hell no

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it will all end after the next revolution

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$450k to run his cake hole.

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I still am amazed he is the NUMBER ONE salary of all federal employees.

Not right at all.


When is that you think?

As to the topic, who knows I hope if we do see a new pandemic it is not more fatal then this one

As soon as we can defund the pol-ice, we can move on to paramedics and firemen.

What comment did you make my dear friend. I may have overlooked it.

I think you really didn’t read the exchange to which you were responding very well…

Yep the Pandemic of seasonal flu. Teachers will not have teach. Unions will not have work. Free ■■■■ everywhere

Did Faucci say anything important? He is in love with himself.

Yep after we defund the police paramedics and firemen, we can go after public and private transportation

I don’t allow conspiracies in my home. They are cancelled at the door.

Antibiotic resistance has been a big topic for a few years. That seems to have gone by the wayside since COVID. That is going to be a big issue as well.

wouldn’t a pan demic from China be a wok demic?

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I haven’t missed a day of in-person teaching.

I agree. But it could have escaped from a lab where it was being studied. I was listening to two epidemiologists on NOR and that was their position. Interesting.