Are Google search results politically tailored?

there is a thread on Hillary Clinton’s recurring health issues and the evidence that continues to come in about it… e.g. her wearing of heavy clothing in hot weather to cover up the equipment she wears that keeps her from spazzing out or fainting or coughing or whatever.

I wanted to check on the recent events and so entered some search terms into Google. Wow! nothing recent. Hmmmmm. Maybe wrong terms?

Every now and then I use Dogpile, a search engine that is not as highly developed but still capable. So I go there, use the same search terms and… voila… recent articles about Hillary wearing extra clothes to cover up equipment.

We know that this has been brought up before and the libs all pretend that there is some politically agnostic search algorithm and that conservatives just don’t understand how it works. Well if another - somewhat spartan - search engine like Dogpile can find stuff that Google is not showing, maybe its libs who are in the dark.

Can we trust Google?

Simple answer, yes, and its been known for over a decade.

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Yes. Google knows who you are. Google doesn’t like you. So Google has decided to ■■■■ with you. You should also cover any and all camera lenses in your house. Cover all your clock faces. Up your wifi encryption. Check for keyloggers. Check under your lamps. They’re out to get you. They know you’re a Trumpist. They…are…watching.


There’s plenty of information out there about how Google search works. Is Google conspiring against you for political reasons? No.

What were the terms

Googling is a skill.

Don’t forget the microwave ovens!

and I have demonstrated my ability to find things far faster than most libs here.

libs would not know a microwave from a microbrew.

I googled Hillary Clinton Heavy Coat and got back page after page of every two-bit RW website publishing all the same photos of her and all aping the same ■■■■■■■■.

Do better, Ishmael.


Its so cute when people show how clueless they are about how the internet works.

Short version - if you know how you can help trick various search engines into getting a particular search result first. For instance try googling Santorum (as in Rick Santorum) and notice what the second result is. Its a very dirty definition for the word. Those who don’t understand how the internet works will assume google is liberally biased against conservatives. Those who actually understand how the internet works will suspect what is actually going on and will be right if they do one minute of research. Back in Rick Santorum staunch anti gay crusading, a left wing shock jock named Dan Savage decided to mock Santorum by creating a new definition for the word meaning the frothy mix of fecal matter and lubricant that occurs during anal sex. That alone wouldn’t get it near the top of a google search list but if you put the definition of the word into enough websites google’s algorithms will be tricked into thinking its a pertinent definition and that is what happened. All kinds of people started doing this and it rose to the top of the search lists for Santorum.

Or you can just be a low information politico and think its due to bias.

Google didn’t push up your right wing conspiracy theories! It’s bias against crap news.

1 google is not biased.
2 i dont use google anyway. i use duck duck go

Well that’s funny, are you kidding me? You posted “google knows who you are” as if that is far fetched, as if they don’t actually know who you are. You might want to keep up on how much they do know about you. That’s kind of their business model. Hell, they read your emails to find out more about you.

I googled “Hillary heavy coat” and I got a news story about it from two days ago.

Sure you have. :lying_face:

I always assumed most Republican blue hairs would be using Ask Jeeves, or if they’re really hip to the Information Superhighway, HotBot.

I am a lib and home brew. So I know the difference.

Thus, your statement is false.

Maybe conservapedia is more your speed.

Weird. I just typed “hillary clinton heavy coats” into Google and got multiple pages of links to the current right-wing loon sites, beginning with Gateway Pundit, commenting on her attire. Perhaps the problem is not Google, and it is user error on the part of the OP. :thinking: