Are dimocrats Finally Happy?

Well, are they?? They have

-The Presidency
-a black, female VP
-the Senate
-the House
-Command of the military
-Corrupt media
-Open borders
-Corporate backers
-D.C. Statehood on the way
-Court packing on the way
-Reparations on the way
-Gun control on the way
-Defunding the police
-Gender dysphoria run amok
-Corrupt/one-sided justice system
-Education indoctrination
-Hatred of our country and it’s founding run amok

Happy yet??

How long do you think it will last??

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Bubbles always pop.


I have seen no evidence that they are happy. They still seem to be as angry, bitter and vengeful as always.


No. You’re still allowed to post thought crime on the internet, your voting record hasn’t been made public for ease of prosecution, union membership hasn’t been made mandatory, and your physicians don’t determine your medical treatment by the color of your skin. All in due time.

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We have:

Sky falling


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Hatred of our country and it’s founding run amok.

That’s my favorite.

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No doubt

Mine too

Nothing better than the classic tropes.

We have:

Court packing bill rejected by Pelosi and will not be brought to a vote
Toothless commission on the way!

Is this true? Do you have a link? Pelosi against Nads and Malarky? That would be precious.

I don’t believe left-leaning posters here like yourself actually hate the country, but a majority of the politicians you vote for most certainly do and are stoking that sentiment to consolidate power. It’s exactly why they’ve lost control of mob protest violence that’s now routine in large cities.

This is a factual statement.

Yep thank you @EternalVigilance

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Thanks for shining the light.

If it makes Trump supporters froth, then it’s all good. :+1:

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You are welcome!


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Again, Thanks. I’ve been called worse.