Are Dems selling the office of President to Bloomberg

Just wondering what is going on? Seems like the DNC is changing rules to accommodate the Bloomberg Run. Do they know who his VP choice will be?

There appears to be an ugly core that has driven a once great party to create “a Dumpster fire of a country” after eight years Obamanation and his liberal progressive establishment, and the current brand of congressional partisan hacks in the majority House and minority Senate.

Now the Dim’s appear to be selling the presidential run to Bloomberg.

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It’s great. Were not selling it. Just giving it to a man who cant be bought. MAGA​:us::us::us::us::us:
Drain the swamp amirite

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I would have thought this a preposterous notion when Bloomburg first announced.

Looking at how the process has transpired to date I have to say it really does appear that he is attempting to purchase the office.

Instead of him getting involved with voters and even other candidates…he just wants to run a media persona and win.

Not cool at all.


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Difference is Trump loves people and can’t do enough rallies.

When will we see a Bloomburg public appearance, let alone a rally?


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You want to drain the swamp? You could start by voting for Sanders. And you could be original. :us: MAGA through Trump :us:

What do rallies have to do with anything

Plan to. But if Bloomberg were to get the nod I’ll vote for him

Gee, I see him every day out doing speeches and talking to voters. And tomorrow night he will be a part of the next debate.

What does reality have to do with anything? :kissing:

He doesn’t love the people. He loves the people cheering for him.
What part of narcissist don’t you get?

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Trump rallies are held to stroke his fragile ego. As a self-made successful man, perhaps Bloomberg does not need such fluffing.

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Trump cannot participate in the DNC debate, not yet, anyway. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The only fragile thing about Trump is Pelosi’s feelings at the State if the Union. Let her rip, no blink nancy

Trump supporters mocking one billionaire while supporting another. The irony.

It goes deeper than that. I support a non political solution

Who is the other one? Ha.


Civil war?

Libs know who they want, and Dems know who they want.

Of the two, the Dems will have their way, just like last time. Libs are getting more and more comfortable with the fact that they have no say in which candidates they are given, and will vote as they’re told, for who they’re told to, in the end.

Trumpets are upset that Bloomberg plans to spend whatever it takes to defeat trump no matter who the dem nominee is. The gop and trump can’t compete with Bloomberg’s money…

Bloomberg has’t bought the presidency untill he’s president. I hope that doesn’t happen.
He’s touting Hillary as his running mate.
That’s a ticket of Twiddle De De and Twiddle De Hag. I can’t think of much worse.