Are Democrats suppressing their own voters by pushing vote-by-mail?

21% of the mailed in ballots were invalidated in the recent New York City primary election. A big problem was that many ballots arrived late and lacked a post mark.

Are Democrats effectively suppressing their own voters with the vote-by-mail push?

What will happen in the general election if big-city Democrats vote by mail while the rest of the country goes to the polls?

The guy with 270 or more electoral college votes will win.

Yes, and many of the key states were decided by a small margin in the last election.

I am all for big-city Democrats voting by mail since they will effectively reduce their voting strength by 20%. That could make a huge difference in a state like Pennsylvania, where Democratic votes are concentrated in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

I doubt that Democrats will admit their tactical blunder since their “orange-man-bad” mentality means they are bitterly against anything Trump has supported. The irony is beautiful.

Republicans are pushing vote by mail, too. Despite the Orange Nero’s worthless fiddling.


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They are most certainly undermining faith in the security of our votes, both NJ and NY proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You cannot throw such a system together quickly and have any faith it will not be fraught with problems.

If anything this proves that the system is working as intended, they didn’t fill out the paperwork properly or didn’t mail it in time.

And for those reasons fully 20% of their votes were not counted.

This isn’t a problem with voting at the polls.