Are Democrats starting to panic about vote-by-mail?

After months of telling people that they and their families would die if they voted in person, Democrats are rethinking their vote-by-mail push.

Some are rationalizing the change by blaming Republican for scaring people about the postal service:

A Democratic Party operative said that Trump "has succeeded in making people scared and distrustful of the post office. There were large swaths of voters who already weren’t sure about the post office, so people need to understand they have other options."

But the real reason appears to be a growing realization among campaign professionals that Democratic voters are much more likely to have problems filling out the ballot correctly and have it rejected. That is especially true if they have not voted by mail before:

  • In Florida, voters are twice as likely to have their absentee ballot rejected if they’ve never voted that way before, University of Florida political science professor Dan Smith told Axios.
  • In North Carolina, “Black voters’ ballots are being rejected at more than four times the rate of white voters,” per FiveThirtyEight. Overall, data shows new, younger, Black and Hispanic voters are more likely to have their ballots rejected.

In swing states such as Pennsylvania, greater use of vote-by-mail by Democrats in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh combined with the greater chance of invalid ballots could easily provide the margin of victory to Trump.

Are Democrats starting to panic about the vote-by-mail push that they created?

That could make for an excellent campaign slogan…“dummies for Dems”. :sunglasses:

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can you just imagine how much deep blue harvesting is going to be needed to make up for the incorrect ballots.

this could drag out for weeks

i bet it’s why the overwhelming partisan democrat PA supreme court decided arbitrarily that ballots can just keep on a‘being counted for weeks

They probably have a new strategy of shutting down polling places with “peaceful protests” on election day.

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That could be combined with the law-breakers for Biden campaign that Bloomberg is financing Florida.



The information has been out there before the dims started pushing the initiative.

The highest percentage, interestingly enough, is non-matching signature.
I wonder what (if any) type of training people matching signatures have.

Some stats from 2016

That needs to be appealed. If they are “counted” past the election the dems will just keep manufacturing “votes” until they win.

If they aren’t there by election day then they shouldn’t count.

After all they have the option to vote in person and make sure their vote counts.

Even early voting in person is available(avoid the crowds with early voting). Easy peasy.


Why not?

thats their plan alright.

Have you noticed how quickly the DeJoy thing died down?

Why not a week? Why not a month? Why not a year? Why do we even have elections? :sunglasses:

You do realize election ballot counting has always taken weeks, right?


That was the plan in Fla in 2000 as well. They were gonna keep recounting until magically Gore had the lead and then suddenly stop recounting there. :roll_eyes:

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You realize that’s what is being discussed, is what is the time limit for a ballot being valid?

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Yes Trump has succeeded in both scaring people about the post office and also damaging the post office.

And I see here many of his adoring supporters continue to lap up whatever he puts out there.

So mission accomplished.


Ballots should be postmarked by election day, not delivered (although most will be). That takes way DeJoy’s incentive to slow down delivery. And by enforcing the postmark rule, you won’t have to worry about manufactured votes.


Not the subject of the thread. Which is democrats might now be realizing what I posted on the subject here a week or two ago. Which is that mail in ballots are rejected at far higher rates than in person ballots.

Well, if someone meets the requirements and the ballot arrives late by no fault of their own … why shouldn’t their ballot be counted?

Bam. That’s why and the line must be the same for all.