Are Democrats starting to panic about old Hollow Joe?

The official DNC media outlet is putting out conflicting messages about whether old Hollow Joe is ready for a debate with President Trump.

Whatever you do, don’t debate Trump. . . . It’s a fool’s errand to enter the ring with someone who can’t follow the rules or the truth.–Joe Lockhart on CNN

In contrast Brian Stelter of CNN was saying that rumors of Biden chickening out of the debates were a vast right-wing conspiracy:
It is mostly a right-wing media tempest, fueled by hour after hour of Fox commentary (not reporting), far removed from campaign reality…

My observation is the current rules from Biden’s handlers require carefully controlled and scripted events that avoid spontaneous questions and interaction. Even then, Biden appears to be confused about the location in his home town and produces odd and erroneous accusations:

Would bailing on the debates be confirmation that Biden is unable to handle the demands of being president?

Would Biden call Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping a “dog-faced pony soldier” if one of them directs an unexpected question toward Biden at a meeting?

Are the Democrats getting ready to dump Biden?


I noticed today he wife came out on FNC to address this and assure all Joe “will be there”. I thought using the wife was interesting.

Good OP.


My observation is nobody is panicking

Well not nobody :point_up_2:


Mrs. Wilson effectively ran the government when President Wilson was incapacitated after a stroke.

Is that what will happen with Biden as president?

If this election was in the bag why this hateful political atmosphere that we’re seeing?


Lol, no.


Well this was fun. See you in the next thread guys.

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So tripling or quadrupling down on same mistakes will work this time?

Yes. A certain Fox News contributor won two presidential elections. With one hand tied behind his back. Because tropes.

Will Biden actually appear in the debates?

If he refuses to appear, is it an admission that anything beyond reading from a teleprompter is too challenging for him?

Again, this is a non story being pushed hard by Fox News and CEC. I get it, Trump isn’t looking too good in interviews. And they can’t talk about that. Biden has already agreed to debate. Fox and CEC are pushing the idea he won’t debate. Trump is the one who hasn’t agreed to debate. Not sure what you guys need to know Biden will debate besides him already agreeing to debate.

Looks like the New York Times is now part of the vast right-wing conspiracy:

In reality, I suspect that the Times is really concerned that the debates would be far too revealing about old Hollow Joe’s abilities.

Just so we’re clear, a photo journalist does an opinion piece in the Times, and that’s the Democrats afraid of Biden debating? Again, it doesn’t matter. Biden is debating. He’s already agreed to it. Trump has not. But damn are Fox News pushing this story.


I suspect that if the Democrats keep Hollow Joe, they will insist that the “debate” consist of written questions with responses read from a teleprompter. Those are the only “fair” rules nowadays.

Also asking the candidates where the event is occurring will be strictly forbidden.

All they have left is that he is a wimp and his health. Just watch, if Biden stumbles over just one word they will pounce with lighting speed.

I believe so for a while. It won’t be that overt. They’ll have to go through her and she will control him.

A great question.


No. Sadly, Joe is just a conduit. I have said it before and I will say it again. I feel sorry for the man. I think he is a good person but he is just being so very used.

There are a lot of people who will vote anything but Trump and that is what the dems are hanging their hats on.