Are Czars making a comeback?

I think Kris (I no lie) Kobach would make a fine immigration czar… His grasp of the federal law and ability to get things done would be tremendous, unpresidented actually… Probably the best czar in the history of the country…


russia russia russia

We need a Russia Czar?

Will they be given their wives fancy eggs for Easter?

Who started that ■■■■ anyway?

FDR in the 1940’s to help with the war effort.

I agree, czar this and czar that was complete bollocks.

Just appoint someone to oversee whatever project and perhaps call them an initiative leader. Even then i dont really care for buzz word job titles.

The U.S government has never used the term “Czar” its a Media term they are called executive directors mostly.

■■■■■■■ figures

But they dont do anything to dissuade the use of this idiotic term.

That’s even worse!

LOL true.

The White House will rename the position as “Tsar”, effective immediately!

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No, no, no. We absolutely needs czars. The more the better. There’s nothing I’d rather watch than Trump blowing out his frontal lobe trying to spell czar.


Influencers, Kris Kobach, Immigration Influencer, let’s just embrace the reddit culture.

Will Kobach finally get his Muslim registery

Ho ho ho, Green Jobs Czar!

■■■■ catcher. Immigration ■■■■ catcher, energy ■■■■ catcher, cyber ■■■■ catcher, drug ■■■■ catcher, basically any department head you can lay all the blame on. ■■■■ catcher doesn’t church it up.

Show some R-S-P-E-C-T