Are COVID vaccinations for children doing more harm than good?

Not about her gymasting. I wouldn’t know a “triplest” from a downward facing dog.

I do know human performance. Knowledge, expertise, training, experience.

^^^^ Doesn’t live in NYC. Has opinion about people who live here^^^^^

Cool anecdote.

How often does this happen to children?

I have a 9 and 7 year old. Neither have never had a bad reaction to any vaccine or shot. If it is as effective and safe as it is for adults… they will both be getting it.

Experience. Known a good representative sample over the years. Been two I could tolerate, both from upstate. And there’s Trump, Schumer, the Cuomo Clowns.

I don’t feel you should do that.

It is supremely stupid to say that one cannot look at two sets of numbers… see which one is bigger and have an opinion based on that.

I get that for whatever reason… most of them really dumb… there are those out there that want to punch up the dangers of the vaccine while completely ignoring the dangers of the actual virus… but to make up a reason as to why there are a class of people who cannot voice their opinion is just a dumb attempt to stifle a discussion.

So I will take it under advisement… and promptly ignore it.

The same will be true the next time.

Yeah yeah signaling for contrarianism sake is of course the morally better tact.

See, this is why I gave you the advice I did. It is astoundingly stupid to look at a child and see a number.

Think of the children has been a prog hoplophobe battle cry for decades. And will be again.

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When more are likely to suffer from the actual virus it isn’t.

Lets apply this to all vaccines.

Do we say the same for Measles? Pertussis? Chicken Pox? etc etc etc.

Except when they are crossing borders. Then they are just numbers. Invaders even.

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Yes it is. You just don’t know.

Is it the same as all vaccines?

As well as the religious and self righteous right.

I mean it’s like in this thread and everything.

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Not at all. It is an invasion, but it’s not the children’s fault.

It’s really simple.

If the chances contracting and damage from Covid is great than the chances to have negative effects that outweighs the negative effects of Covid… is higher… it’s a no brainer to give them the vaccine.

It’s my number one job to protect my child. It would be irresponsible for me to not give them the protection they need when all available data points to “safe”

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Is it?

But it’s for the children well for some. For some of them to give them a better life…. A wall. A big beautiful wall to stop children from having better lives having lower life expectancy etc etc etc

Signaling. That’s all this thread is.

I feel you shouldn’t. I feel you should let us decide.

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Yep starting with the op on down. And yes i do say so.

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Is it? Are you sure?