Are COVID vaccinations for children doing more harm than good?

Statistics are theoretical until they include your own child:

The government has repeatedly provided lies and misinformation to further the current party line. That includes manipulation of models and data to support their push to vaccinate children. Here is one description:

On June 4, using data from February to March, the agency made the case that hospitalizations were rising in adolescents. It tweeted, “The report shows the importance of #COVID19 vaccination for adolescents.” That tweet spurred a great deal of media attention and concern. It was true that hospitalization rates had risen. However, at the time of the press coverage, hospitalization rates in this age group had already fallen again. . . This obvious error was compounded weeks later during a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The committee met to discuss what we knew and did not know about heart inflammation, or myocarditis, that had been linked to mRNA vaccination, and most notable in young men who received the vaccine. During the course of the meeting, representatives of the CDC showed a model that claimed that vaccination of young adults was preferable to the disease itself.

There were, however, several concerns with this model. First, it used rates of community SARS-CoV-2 spread that again were out of date. By the time of the meeting, the rates were lower, meaning the benefits of vaccination would be reduced, but the harms remain the same. Second, it did not consider the risks separately for boys and girls, who appear to have substantially different risk of myocarditis (much higher in boys). Third, it did not consider any middle ground positions, such as only receiving one dose of the vaccine, which provides much of the benefit with far lower myocarditis risk. Instead, the CDC presented zero or two doses as the only options. Fourth, the modeling did not consider natural immunity—i.e., the vaccine’s risk to kids who already recovered from COVID-19 might be the same, but the benefits far lower (as these children have some natural immunity). Finally, the model did not consider the fact that young adults with preexisting medical conditions and those who are otherwise well might have different risk benefit profiles, as the former account for a disproportionate number of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

How many injured children will it take to stop the push for COVID vaccinations of children?

Most of the damages from the vaccines appear after the second dose of the vaccine. Why is CDC failing to consider a single dose as an option for children?


Good to see Tucker doing his part promoting vaccinations.

Are you saying that injuries to healthy children should be ignored?

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This particular child was participating in the vaccine trials. That’s the opposite of ignoring possible injuries from the vaccine.

There’s always gonna be a minuscule amount of people that will have a bad reaction to ANY vaccine. The good outweighs the bad.

Unless you or your child is the one that has that bad reaction.


More and more children are being hospitalized with Covid.

While an adverse reaction to a vaccine is tragic, the odds are that the virus will cause more harm.

That is an amazing example of collectivism. And a lack of humanity.


You need to sit this one out.

Nah… I’m all good.

Nobody KNOWS that. Also, NOBODY knows what if any side effects there could be from this vaccine in 2-3 years as that experiment is still ongoing.

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No, you’re really not.


We know the adverse reactions to contracting the virus.

The chances are greater for that than the vaccines.

yah… I am.

Well this thread got weird fast.

The will someone please think of the children is some nice signaling though


No knowledge, no expertise, no training, no experience.

Not all opinions are valid, right?

Learned from the best.

We can look at statistics.

The numbers aren’t hard to understand.

Case in point. Children are an a posteriori thing. Of course you wouldn’t know that.

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