Are Companies Using Welfare Programs to Keep Their Workers Wages Low?

Exactly. That’s pretty much all you’ve done in this thread is bash Walmart and recite LW rhetoric.

And I won’t dare to try tell you that you are full of it. My experience is quite different than yours. Why do you feel you know better about my particular experience? That is the height of condescending arrogance.

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Regardless of the challenges life throws at us, higher education always gives one more choices and flexibility.

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People who work shouldn’t need help buying food and yet…

The working poor are a growing demographic. Wonder why that is in one of the wealthiest countries in the world?

I guess the difference between us is I don’t look down on someone just because they flip burgers. As for “skills” when I started in the tech industry I knew nothing about the industry and had no degree. I work in R&D now. “Off the street” doesn’t really mean much.

Its not looking down its calling that particular job what it is. Burger flipping is a good job for teens starting out. Its good for seniors for supplemental income. But to label it a profession is quite a stretch.

Who did that? Besides you?

That isn’t what this thread is about. It is about consequences. Flipping burgers is not a career choice. But those who do choose to flip burgers for a living should not expect to be paid a living wage. That is a simple disagreement with LIBs.

Good for you. Many successful people have a similar uplifting story. But again that’s not what this thread is about. It is about those who choose to remain unskilled. That isn’t you. You took the steps necessary to acquire a skill.

Whatever. Even the “skilled” and the “educated” still have to be trained. One would think someone who also worked in the industry would already know this.

LIBs fully expect a career burger flipper to be able to make a living wage.


Show me where I have said otherwise??? :thinking:

I expect anyone who works full time to be able to earn a decent living, regardless of what job they do. If you can’t even afford a roof over your head, what’s the point?

Show me where you’ve even mentioned it once either way. :roll_eyes:

And that is the source of CONs disagreement with LIBs. CONs believe that if you want to earn a decent living it is each individual’s responsibility to take the steps necessary to acquire the skills required. LIBs believe that individual responsibility is of no consequence. The government will force corporations to inflate their wages to accommodate those who choose to remain low skilled.

I’ve repeated “acquire skills” so many times it makes my head spin. That assumes education, training, experience, etc… :roll_eyes:


Choosing to work is a good choice, unless of course you have the wrong job. Apparently.

Some people find themselves in the wrong job for whatever reason. Some people are laid off and might need to change careers midstream. Those are the challenges life throws at us. Some will simply give up, but a great many more will make the necessary adjustments and move on.

But wait, you said it was all due to their own choices. Now it’s what life is throwing at them that’s keeping them down. So which is it?

Each individual is dealt a hand of cards at birth. They alone must choose how to play the hand they are dealt. Life is full of ups and downs. An individual will need to make choices about a great many things throughout their life. I never meant to imply they would only have to make a single choice. Why would you even think that a person would only make one choice and if it is the wrong choice they simply give up??? :thinking:

The low skilled worker makes choices every day, just as we all do. One of the choices they make is to remain low skilled; for whatever reason.

Well you’ve certainly got the circular logic thing down. I’ll give you that.