Are Companies Using Welfare Programs to Keep Their Workers Wages Low?

Got it. You in your condescending arrogance have declared yourself to be the defacto expert in this matter. Hey what can I say!

Might be good for a hearty ROF Laugh. :rofl:

or two :rofl:

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How about irrelevant and obsolete then, since that’s what it is? Pretty much like asking anyone who bought a house in the 50s advice on buying one now. The last person I’m going to get a perspective from is someone who is no longer living it, but thanks.

Almost like he’s all over the place and has no idea what he’s talking about. So weird.

I don’t know of anyone who works in the industry who supported Trump or his silly trade war with China either which cost us a lot of our business. Wasn’t he supposed to be bringing jobs back, not killing the jobs we have here? That’s one of the major reasons we have a bigger chip shortage now.

“semiconductors were invented in the U.S., but fabs like GlobalFoundries have become a dying breed. In 1990, 37% of chips were made in American factories, but by 2020 that number had declined to just 12%. All the new pieces of the growing pie had gone to Asia: Taiwan, South Korea and China. Chip fabs aren’t just factories, but linchpins of American self-reliance.”

Can’t be helped when Corps are basically writing the rules. Best government money can buy.

First, I only recently retired within the last year. In regards to my posts, I was providing insight into how we used contractors at my place of employment and how we leveraged our off shore personnel. I certainly wasn’t offering you or anyone else advice or perspective. I was simply sharing my personal experience in response to a couple of forum members who shared theirs. You obviously have had a very different experience. That doesn’t make you an expert, any more than my experience makes me an expert.

I have no earthly idea about your hidden agenda, but I honestly could care less what you believe or don’t believe. :wink:

Its obvious that you haven’t bothered to follow the thread, but hey I would have expected no less.

So what? Just because you know of no one in the circle you frequent doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You are having a conversation with one now. So obviously they do exist.

The Reuters article blames the shortage mostly on actions taken by consumers resulting from the COVID pandemic, despite their sensational headline, although they did mention Trump’s trade war in passing in the article. Kind of strange they would actually make that the headline.

Not surprising that you would find a way to bring Trump into the discussion.

Constantly projecting. I have no agenda. Yours is clearly peddling nonsense though. Regardless, I could not possibly care less.

It’s impossible to have any meaningful discussion with people who just spout partisan rhetoric then completely ignore posts that bring up the issues with it.

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Not to mention speaking of condescending… My “circle” consists of people working at various companies in the industry along with myself and not just my experience at a single company. One of the perks of being a contractor and networking I guess. That’s how I know the practice is industry wide. They’re doing it at all of the companies people I talk to work with. Have been for awhile now. I notice that the mention of the recently newer trend of jumping ship being the only way to get any sort of meaningful raise at most of these places now was also lacking. Like I said, the job I used to have actually pays less now than when I used to still do it. They also don’t use the same contracting company I used to work for, because they went with another one that was cheaper.

Eventual since companies no longer even bother to increase wages with inflation what is happening at the lower paying jobs will slowly move up until eventually those middle class jobs are also requiring government subsidies.

It’s going to happen, just a matter of time

It’s more than that. When I worked at Intel, contractors couldn’t touch anything that was IP. Last year they started hiring temps to do R&D work.

That’s crazy🤣

Wonder how much some Chinese companies would pay for some of that info? Im sure a min wage temp is suuuuuppper loyal

I am sure skilled labor jobs will do just fine. But the ones thinking thawing patties on the grill is something meaningful will probably be surprised when their jobs get passed to the next unskilled person for a cheaper wage.

Skilled jobs are starting to suffer the same effects. Traditionally middle class jobs are starting to have more and more people relying on government resources to supplement their income.

There is 0 reason for this trend to change. The amount of people who’s income is supplemented by government reasources is going to continue to grow as well as the amount.

This is the end result of profit over everything. The amount of parasitic companies will continue to grow but at least the Waltons can pocket 11 billion a year while costing Americans taxpayers 12 billion supporting their employees.

I am a skilled labor worker and I have yet needed to look towards government. That may change with biddns economy risking huge inflation rates.


When you start needing government subsidies to supplement your income it is not going to be Bidens trump’s or who ever the future president is fault. This has been trending towards you slowly for decades as the amount of full time salaried employees needing grows assistance.

I know plenty of people who thought they had job security. After all, that was back when we were mainly just outsourcing white collar jobs. Not their problem. Until it happened to them too. Oh well.

Having a skill set is still better than just coming off the street and flipping burgers.