Are Biden supporters the primary spreaders of Covid?

They seem to be. Jammed together at their makeshift campsites in the middle of cities. Thousands squishing in and locking arms at their riots. Then there are the millennials. Who tend to be liberals. Many seem to panic if they can’t go a single weekend without partying. Jammed into bars, swimming pools and anywhere that they can to get stupid drunk with 1000 strangers. They gave the world the finger and decided that they must twerk their butts at spring break. You can do better libs. (And yes, I know you can search the web for pics of conservatives behaving badly.) too.)

Beware the Bides of March!


I don’t understand this quote? :man_shrugging:

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Only Biden supporters go to bars and swimming pools?

The Lake of the Ozarks is full of Libs?

Learn something new every day…


Trump needs to incorporate this narrative at his next rally.

Masks optional, because freeberty!

Et tu, Brute?


Yes. you did learn something.

You learned that millennials are mainly liberals. Even the ones at the Ozarks.

Same with the ones crammed into bars.

Same with the rioters

Same with the campers.

Congratulations! You are smarter now! :trophy:

Et what? Do you have some point to make?

But you are completely fine with the Bidenistas acting like idiots?

Yes, I am perfectly fine with Bides supporters rolling in COVID and then licking doorknobs.

Because liberalism.


Lol. You’re funny.

Lake of the Ozarks parties weren’t mostly millennials but nice try.


Awesome! Well done!! :clap:


What about all those people at the indoor trump rally?

Nor were the majority of them libs. Definitely not Biden fans. A lot of MAGA hats though.

You miss spelled Biden. You may want to fix your typo. :slightly_smiling_face:

So now most millennials will voting Trump? I think that means it’s game over for Biden then.

What do you think about the riots? Spreading Covid?

We know who was paying attention in literature class now. :rofl: :rofl:

The ozarks are deeply republican.

Actually, I think that was suppose to be the Bides of March.

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I am sure all those that attended the Lewis funeral (non essential travel) in the state of GA listed on the COVID list of hot spot states,will follow the DC Mayor’s Order 2020-081 for 14 day quarantine on return to DC. Social distancing optional because of diversity and racism.