Are armed neighborhood watches the answer to defund the police?

Responding to a Tweet where the President was critical of the Seattle mayor, Gallant responded “Chill dawg” before saying he saw “no burning, pillaging or deaths” in his city. Today, Paul has taken to Twitter to sing another tune: “I feel like I need to buy a firearm”.

Why the change in attitude? Perhaps it was because rioters in his city trashed and looted the downstairs to his apartment complex. Gallant arrived back at his apartment this weekend to find it vandalized and looted.

There seems to be a consistent pattern that liberals who were singing the praises of Antifa sing a different tune when they get attacked. That appears to happening in cities where the police no longer protect homes and property and armed civilians are patrolling their neighborhoods:

Organizers of one neighborhood watch group Security Latinos De La Lake have said they stand with the protesters over Floyd’s death but are protecting the area from rioters wreaking destruction on businesses and homes - many of which are owned and serve the black community.

Security Latinos De La Lake organizer and the owner of a small local restaurant Cesia Baires told NPR the group is trying to protect families that live in the buildings above stores and restaurants that are being torched and ransacked.
’Material things we can replace, that’s true,’ she said. 'But there are families up here. These aren’t empty buildings.'

She said the group was forced to act because law enforcement largely abandoned the area as rioting escalated across the city and looters torched, ransacked and destroyed small businesses and homes.

Are civilian groups with guns the answer to ending police protection?

Police are professionals who go through extensive training. Will armed militias be able to replace their functions without increasing loss of life?


Police are the answer and the libs are again on the wrong side of the equation.

Need to make easier to protect home owners if and when they have to shoot one of those leftwing violent socialist intruders.

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All liberal communities must check with AOC before taking this kind of action.

That’s the ticket… more guns.

The “chill dawg” guy is hilarious. Reminds me of this:

Life comes at you fast.


Yes, that is my feeling. On the other hand, it looks like guns suddenly become an attractive alternative when cities defund police and tell you that your need for personal protection “comes from a place of privilege”.

Yea it worked out just great in the Ahmuad Arbery situation. And there would be plenty more of them to debate over.

private militarized forces are always the answer.

No, they are only for the privileged politicians who leave their cities defenseless:

Say what you will about the Guardian Angels - but at least they knew better than to go out armed.

And that was NYC at its worst.

And they still ended up basically a street gang.

Yes and no.

Maybe in the sense that hall monitors were a “social group” in school.

Actually that is the answer.

Make it clear that a community will defend itself with lethal force and guess what. Chances are the rioters won’t go there.

These criminals are like coyotes. They won’t go after the strong and the lethal. They prefer soft targets.

They like a sickly, small deer. Not a full grown 6 point buck.


The motto of liberal politicians is protection for me but not for thee.

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Yeah and six of them got killed from '79 to '93.

How many NYC cops got killed in that same time frame?

I have no idea. My guess would be more than six. What do you infer from that deduction?

They were meeting up with dangerous people but the people without guns died less.

The people without guns died without a chance.

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