Are all troll threads against the rules now?

Are all troll threads against the rules now?

The movie title thread was erased based on it being a “troll thread.”

I hope that the mods are going to be even in how they enforce the rules, otherwise they might be accused to violating users freedom of speech. Hopefully we won’t need a fairness doctrine on this forum.

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I think we should follow the lead of our glorious POTUS. He sets high standards for conversing behavior.

I miss these threads…they were always fun to read.

I’ve deleted at least a dozen threads the last week that were troll threads. Many arn’t seen by a lot because they only have 3 or 4 posts in them.

Can we get a definition of a “troll” thread?

threads that essentionall serve no purpose, nothing to discuss, and can’t be moved to some other forum area (I try to move as many as possible before deleting).

As for locking threads – Ya’ll start paying us to sit at the computer for several hours to clean up a thread and i’ll start doing it instead of locking it.

Thank you for your response. I understand that the Mods serve a vital function, and that it truly is a thankless job, so I really do appreciate you taking the time out of your duties and your life in general to address these silly questions I have regarding the maintenance of the board.

Especially since, I’m most likely never going to create any of my own threads, trolling or not. I try to keep my own nose clean, so i try my very best not to resort to name calling or other childish attacks, but I’m also not likely to report people, because I also outgrew being a tattletale.

My final question is why the Movie Titles Based on the Trump Administration didn’t belong in Trivial Pursuits? 90% of the movie titles were puns. It was something I really enjoyed, and you took it away. I just want to know why it was inappropriate for Trivial Pursuits.

Too political for TP. We would have been bombarded both in thread and Private Message with comments that we sent it there to die and shouldn’t have moved it.

I’ll buy that…

but it’s interesting that you feel it’s worse to be accused to sending a thread to a subforum to die, than it is to actually just kill a thread?

The bad part is coming on to enjoy the forum and have to answer dozens of posts/PM about why an action was taken. Saves a headache to call it what it really is (troll thread like the one I just deleted that probably only a couple people saw) and move on with the day.

Maybe we need more mods. You seem overworked.

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Couldnt you have moved the movie thread to trivial pursuits? Isnt that just a catch all place? Or outside the beltway?

Snow said it was too political.

Read back on why it was deleted not moved. I explained it in the this thread.

Mods have a thankless job and only get negative feedback, Snow does good work.


How about a sub forum for trolls. We could call it the bridge.

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I saw that after…rather silly…I wasnt even in the thread…it was silly…people should relax a little.

Dude, your lucky my keyboard was pushed back under the monitor or you’d owe me a new keyboard.

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Thank you for your work