Archbishop of San Francisco excommunicates Pelosi

Pelosi has been excommunicated from the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Theoretically she could receive communion in another Diocese or Archdiocese.

While I am no fan of the Catholic Church by a long shot, I have no problem at all with this. The Catholic Church has taken its moral position in regards to abortion and is at liberty to enforce that position.

Pelosi is at liberty to join a more liberal Christian denomination.

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Yeah, I respect your opinion, but I go the other way. I’d penalize that diocese (not the whole church) under the Johnson Ammendment.

Being pro-life isn’t Canon Law, point blank period. No Catholic is required to be pro-life, let alone on the threat of excommunication. It is at best strongly suggested. It’s a ■■■■■■ political stunt.


The Johnson Amendment could not possibly apply in this situation.

The decision to offer communion is a strictly religious decision.

If the IRS decided to try, the Supreme Court would make quick work of it under the First Amendment.

And she can still take communion in another diocese or Archdiocese.

Oh, no doubt. This current court would squish it like a bug. I’d still support it.

Excommunicated is a cool word.

I’ll give the Catholics that.

Papal bull is a good one, too.

I want ‘‘em to do that whole bell book and candle thing.

I would note that this is also merely an inconvenience to Pelosi, unless she regularly takes communion every week.

When I was growing up in the Methodist Church, communion was done only a few times a year. She is out of district at least half the year, so will have easy access to communion in Washington, D.C.

Wait is that like a ceremony for excommunication? That sounds cool too.

It’s got that air of mystery around it.

Basically a fancy way of saying “You suck! Get out!”


Tha ■■■■ ? You don’t want anyone to have a strong backboned opinion at all, do you?



I guess it means “we’re not letting you communicate (spiritually) with Christ anymore” which in fairness is the sickest burn possible if you’re into that sort of thing.

As oddball as Catholic procedure can be, it ain’t got nothing on the hardcore Pentecostals.

At least there’s order in the Catholic church. I dated a Pentecostal girl once. Went to church with her one time.

Having went to fairly standard Methodist church growing up the sight of people rolling around on the floor and doing full sprints around the pews (including the old people) threw me for a loop.

Appalachia by chance? You’ll see some snakes up there too.

Nah Deep South. They weren’t fooling with the snakes.

Had they been holding up rattlesnakes at the pulpit my black ass would have turned around and ran out faster than anyone has ever seen a black guy run before.

I mean the girl I was dating was pretty damn cute… but she wasn’t worth something like that.


If nothing else, she deserves this public humiliation. Take her woman card also.

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Hahaha. For what it’s worth I agree with you about the Catholic Church. At least they have a hierarchy. It’s organized chaos, at least.

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Good for the Archbishop for doing something long overdue. :+1:


The Canon of Tommy

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