April was best month in history for U.S. budget


You mean like cattle dogs? I can’t say I’m an expert but I understand the concept of working dogs and their roles on a farm.

So, do you only vote for candidates running as independents or 3rd parties or do you just not bother to vote?


I don’t think he voted for trump, but he’s a republican. Voter.


My party? I’m not a Republican.

It did not point finger at either Party because both parties are equally responsible for the continual increase in the cost of entitlements and the deficit.


Personally, I think the SS retirement age should be raised to 70 and the age for both early retirement and Medicare be raised to 67.


So in other words, it’s Republicans fault for not electing people who will stand up to the Democrats on spending. Interesting.


It’s a powerful emotion. So is the will to power.


What age did you start partaking of both?


Actually it does. You see, a deficit in one month can wipe out a surplus in previous months.


No. It’s the GOP’s fault for cutting taxes before addressing spending in any way.


This thread is awesome.

I was derided here for predicting Trump would be a success as President.

I knew he would hit his stride about now and he will win a second term.


This is the problem with Trump. It doesn’t matter what happens. You’ll say he’s a success regardless.

$148 billion monthly deficit is now success.


May 2017 deficit was $88 billion.

May 2018 deficit was $148 billion.

This is hitting his stride?


Yes, it’s Republican voters fault.

Democrats believe in big government and in funding government programs.

Republicans are (supposedly) opposed to big government and funding government programs. It’s not Democrats fault you elect the politicians you do. We don’t vote for them in the first place since we don’t agree with anything they stand for.


I know he does, I’m not stupid.


Trump worshippers don’t care. They haven’t cared since Nov 8th, 2016.

He’s buddy buddy with a murderous dictator, that’s all that matters. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump worshippers get tattoos of NK’s flag intertwined with the US flag on their arm.


It’s been amazing to see once rational people now become total jesters in Trump’s clown court.


Let’s compare revenues between FY2017 to FY2018:

(In millions)
Oct 17: 235,341 | Oct 18: 221,692 | Diff: 13,649
Nov 17: 208,374 | Oct 18: 199,875 | Diff: 8,499
Dec 17: 325,797 | Oct 18: 319,204 | Diff: 6,593
Jan 18: 361,038 | Oct 18: 344,069 | Diff: 16,969
Feb 18: 155,623 | Oct 18: 171,713 | Diff: -16,090 <- New withholding tables kick in
Mar 18: 210,832 | Oct 18: 216,584 | Diff: -5,752
Apr 18: 510,447 | Oct 18: 455,605 | Diff: 54,842 <- Final tax payments received. As the CBO puts it: "The bulk of that difference stems from larger-than-anticipated payments of individual income taxes. Those payments were mostly related to economic activity in 2017 and may reflect stronger-than-expected income growth in that year.
May 18: 217,000 | Oct 18: 240,418 | Diff: -23,418

So, what we have here is initially a trend to receive increasing revenues from the year before. Then, the new tax law kicks in and the updated withholding tables are implemented in February. From that point on, receipts for this CY start to decrease compared to the previous CY. The only jump is in April and that’s due to final tax receipts due to economic activity in 2017. Basically, are increased revenues compared to the previous year are started to get smaller and smaller and may very well be under revenue levels of FY2017 by September despite the increase in economic activity. It will be interesting to see if June’s numbers continue this trend.


I was forced to sign up for Medicare when I turned 65 and I chose to not file for SS benefits until I was a month shy of the mandatory 70-1/2 age limit.

When SS was implemented with the eligibility age set at 65, the average life span was about 66. Now, with the full benefit age being 67 (for those born in 1960 and later) the average life span is over 78 years. Do the math.


You make it sound so simple. You should run for Congress.

Of course, if you did, you would undoubtedly run as a tax and spend Democrat.


So it’s Republicans fault for not saving us from Democrats. Great.