April was best month in history for U.S. budget


Agreed. Time to cut spending. I say we get rid of the military plus up and Schumer’s tunnel first.


So weird that revenues were so high in April, and fell to less than half that in April. Did anyone ever figure out why that would happen?


Taxes. The point was it was higher than the previous Aprils.


Who voted in these gutless Republicans into office?

They are programs members of both parties voted in the affirmative for and the Republican President who signed the spending bill into law.

Who controls the House, Senate and the Presidency?


Gutless republicans.


How is it deficit spending if the increased revenues are more than the spending?

Can’t do simple math?

The CBO and the libs didn’t allow for growth when they made their forecasts following the tax cuts.

They never do.


You’re living in lala land. May 2018 saw revenues drop and spending surge. Compared to both the month before (April 2018) and compared to the year before (May 2017).

You’re going the wrong way.


Great info.


May 2017 deficit spending:$88 billion.

May 2018 deficits spending: $148 billion.

You’re going the wrong way.


Your party. It’s not Democrats’ fault you people vote in such wusses.


Individual taxes, the CBO report says, are up 11.5% so far this fiscal year, and payroll taxes are up 2.8%. Both are signs of a healthy labor market, which is creating more jobs, higher wages and, as a result, more tax revenues. Those gains, the CBO says, more than offset the 22% decline in corporate income taxes.

Which of these quotes from the CBO don’t you understand? It is for the current fiscal year.

May being down doesn’t wipe out the good nes from several months.


I don’t have a party darlin’. I’m a party of one.


Hows that working out for you?


Great! Simply capital. I admit I don’t know nearly as much as you about money. You probably don’t know much about cow dogs, which are far more important.


You can look at each month this fiscal year and last fiscal year in the link I provided, revenues are down from last year and spending is up, deficits are larger than last year.

Problem is, the surplus from April didn’t cover previous 2 months deficits.

The deficit spending of this past May was double the deficit of May 2017.

You’re going the wrong way.


What about the CBO report? All wrong? The point is there is going to be growth from the cuts and the deficit(if there is one) will not be nearly as bad as the original CBO report and libs forecast.

I might add that you guys have never give a hoot about deficits or debt till now.

Yall cheered on Obama.


I’m not talking about CBO. I’m referring to the Treasury monthly balance statement
It comes out after the conclusion of every month. You can see that over last year, tax collections are down, spending is way up, monthly deficits are up. Mnuchin puts the thing out.


Problem is, revenues haven’t increased enough to offset spending. You can look to the CBO, I’ll look to the monthly Treasury reports.


Isn’t it amazing what hate can do to people?


What does that have to do with Trump’s reductions in monthly federal revenues, accelerated spending, and expanding monthly deficits? Aside from your feewings?