April was best month in history for U.S. budget

Best month since 2001.

Im dumb. Can’t see any picture.

Is this adjusted for inflation?

There isn’t one.



I don’t know.

That’s good but every April is a surplus month because of tax day. Even as every year ends in deficit. This year we are already billions ahead in deficit spending over last year, the annual April surplus won’t change that.

Were you born perfect or did you learn it?

Yes. The article agrees with me.

Have we gone past the whining about the link and figured out there’s an April in every year yet?

Is this not good?

Agrees with you about what?


And every year the month runs a surplus that doesn’t change the deficit trajectory.

Setting the record for the best surplus month is kind of meaningless in a year that will have one of the highest deficits, no?

Start a thread using a crappy source (WashingtonTimes), do a high-five, ■■■■ up the link, berate posters who notice that there’s no link, have nothing else to say about the belatedly-posted link except to pretend that he wants a legitimate discussion. The end.


Did you read it? Agrees with me about tax day leading to April monthly surpluses that don’t matter in the yearly long run. And that we are blowing past last year’s deficit spending already and will end up with a huge deficit this year. Bigger than last year. This April surplus will not matter.

I should have just said it like that.

since jan 1 2018 the US has run up a total debt of over 500B


And this year was the best one since before Iraq.

I didn’t do any high five, I asked a question.

Bad source? So you’re saying it’s not true?

I didn’t berate anybody. Did I not admit I screwed it up?

Nothing good can happen right now, can it?

Now, about those dishes…

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It’s better than having the worst month isn’t it?