Approved drilling permits at a 20 year high

Seems approved drilling permits on public land are at a 20 year high. Biden seems to be surpassing the number of permits issued by President G.W Bush. This must be a good thing


Sounds good to me. The wokies are gonna freak out if they hear of this.

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It’s their man Biden that’s doing it so I am sure they will be fine with it.

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Except for AOC. She just want’s to be a pain in someone’s ass. She doesn’t care who.

Drill baby, drill!


They won’t.

Gas prices are rising and the sock puppet admin wants to slow that… So, more supply.

Biden campaigned last year on pledges to end new drilling on federal lands to rein in climate-changing emissions. His pick to oversee those lands, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, adamantly opposed drilling on federal lands while in Congress and co-sponsored the liberal Green New Deal.

But the steps taken by the administration to date on fossil fuels are more modest, including a temporary suspension on new oil and gas leases on federal lands that a judge blocked last month, blocked petroleum sales in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada.

Because vast fossil fuel reserves already are under lease, those actions did nothing to slow drilling on public lands and waters that account for about a quarter of US oil production.

Companies rushed to lock in drilling rights before the new administration. And in December, Trump’s last full month in office, agency officials approved more than 800 permits - far more than any prior month during his presidency.


Didn’t Biden run on no new fracking on federal lands?

Biden even denounced Cuban communism the other day - that will not sit well with BLM.

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Yeah. Suddenly as far as Cuba is concerned, BLM loves the police.

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As I suspected.

Thanks 45.


You do know that drilling here won’t lower global spot prices don’t you?

Both President George Bush and President Joe Biden are doing better than Trump on permit issues.

Good Lord. Cut the crap with the knowledge tests.

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Nope…Not even close.

Meanwhile, the President opposes the safest place to get oil from, that being the Canadian Oil Sands.

Seems he wants an environmental disaster on his watch.


Right? The safest and most efficient way to ship oil is by pipeline. Why would he want to send it by truck and rail if he was not hoping for a disaster?


True though

If supply is more demand the price will fall.