Apple removes Alex Jones and Infowars podcast from iTunes



I can confirm Lucy’s post as being 100% accurate. Newbies…they kill me.


give us your screen names on those platforms and lets test that.


When did this become about you?


Delusions of grandeur


Nobody ever “Likes” my posts or retweets me.

I’m Shadow Banned!!


That’s not fair.

Even our nuttiest Trump-nut (that’s said with LOVE, guys!) wouldn’t admit to being a fan of Alex Jones, let alone believe “he’s been right more than he’s been wrong”.


“On his show, Mr. Jones is using the moves against his business to raise money and encourage his followers to migrate to his Infowars website, where he has posted the content removed by other platforms. He’s also asking followers to donate to him — and buy his merchandise.

“Don’t forget the financial support; that is the strongest thing you can do to make sure that we continue on and are strong in the fight,” he said. Referring listeners to his online store, he said, “Go there today and send them a strong message that you stand for the First Amendment, you stand for us and get air filtration, water filtration, optics, preparedness gear, high quality storable foods, supplements that are so good for you and your family.

“Feed your gladiator,” he concluded.“

Step right up suckers and give your hard earned dollars to me!!!


Well THAT is actually not fair. Now we all have to guess as to who the nuttiest Trump-nut is around these here parts. :thinking:


Ron Paul? What hate and lies has he been spreading on social media?


He suggested a boycott as a remedy so I commented on that. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I’ll post what I want when and where I want thanks.


Wait, you mean he is in business to make money? Who knew.


What platform blocked him? Why? Be specific.

What is your basis for that bet?

False. That has been debunked plenty around here. D/S were part of an error that prevented traffic from flowing to their page, which was corrected. You know who else was caught up in that same error? Rachel Maddow and The Young Turks.

Perhaps consider posting according to the guidelines set forth by Twitter and FB and you won’t be shadow banned.

Why should I be concerned? I follow the rules of the social media platforms I use. I also follow the rules of restaurants, stores, churches, bars, parks, farm stores, movie theater,s etc. And if I don’t follow their rules, they’re fully within their right to prohibit me from using their services. Social media is no different. If you follow their rules, regardless of your feelings about their rules, you can stay. If you don’t like the rules, you’re free not to use their sites.


He’s been dipping his toes into white nationalist and anti-semitic stuff for years, iirc.


This was from like a month ago.


For as much as cons love to brag about how only they’re TrueAmericans™ who love the constitution, they certainly don’t understand it very well.


He’s a huckster who’s good at getting his dopey followers to give their hard earned money to him.


That’s exactly the type of garbage that Paul and his supporters have been pushing.

Now we have his dip ■■■■ son over entertaining the Russians as the useful idiot that he is and always has been.


I was just saying, we already knew that.


But can you give an example of genuine hate speech from him?


Alex Jones is a radical, he’s not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

He’s also loonier than a bag full of very loony things.