Apple removes Alex Jones and Infowars podcast from iTunes


Please elaborate, MoleUK.


That’s just an invite to people like gettin’ paddlin’s is all that is.


Where has Ron Paul been blocked?


I believe that those platforms do not allow porn.

Is this censorship or having standards?


Ah, but liberal and conservative porn is banned equally!

But Jones is a Conservative now. It’s official. Thus he’s having his political speech oppressed by globalist libs.


No one is infringing on Alex Jones 1st amendment rights.


Wow this is how the republic dies, to thunderous applause . You know you all deserve Hillary as president you do not deserve President Trump. May you get the leftist socialist governemnet you all want. Especially if you are too lazy to read and understand the facts. You might not like Alex and thats OK I don’t like everything he says or how he says it. I do defend to his right to have his view out there and he did not objectively violate their terms. They are being totally subjective and you here seem ok with that. Amazing you are not worthy of the freedom you have in this country IMHO


Also… Alex Jones is a con man.


Firstly, ‘ouch’ on behalf of most conservatives I know who find Jones reprehensible. And secondly, I thought conservatives seek to protect a business’s right to engage in business with whomever they want–as long as they don’t violate established laws. Has that changed?


They’re not being censored. They still have their own websites.


We would be censored here too if we spread hate and lies especially about Sean


Hannity is totally subjective as to who he allows on this website. He owns it. That’s capitalism.


I’m not a US citizen.

You absolutely all deserve President Trump. Sorry.


Hillary lost bro, get over it.


You have to understand that many of us here believe in Capitalism. Especially us small government conservatives. No one should be able to tell a private business what they can, and cannot, do with their own business decisions. Jones has a website of his own. His 1A is not infringed upon in the least. You are advocating for the rights of these businesses to be infringed upon however, and that should not stand in our nation.


How is freedom affected by private companies deciding that someone has violated their terms of service?

Something that Infowars agreed to when signing on the various platforms?


Dude. That’s harsh man. Cold up harsh.


I can pretty much be sure you are not Shadow banned on Facebook or Twitter. Lol.


Ah but it’s different now it’s one of theirs.

Jones will do more to represent modern American conservatism going forward than most other conservative commentators, imo.

Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren, Alex Jones. The new generation of American conservatism has arrived.



Careful now, there’s some people that are into that kind of thing.