Apple removes Alex Jones and Infowars podcast from iTunes


First person who tries to claim this is a violation of Jones’ 1st Amendment rights gets a paddlin’.


You don’t have a right to use social media.


Alex Jones is still able to spout his nonsense as he sees fit. As people say here quite often, you have a right to say anything you want but not anywhere you want. He’s not being censored.


Kind of refreshing to see it acknowledged that Jones is indeed part of the CEC universe.


It does tells us how they all are intertwined and produce similar results.

Hannity does seem to embrace more and more conspiracy theories.


I think it’s fan ■■■■■■■ tastic that whatever truly bad ■■■■ is coming down the pike…Alex Jones has a product for you to buy to help cope with it.


I just checked Facebook, and Ron Paul’s page is still there. Why did you make up a lie that he has been banned from “all major platforms.”

What is your basis for believing Drudge and Fox will be banned from “all major platforms?”

What right do Jones Paul, Drudge, or Fox have to use social media platforms?


Might want to find a better poster boy for any boycott. Personally it’s going to be hard for me to participate since this site is prettty much my full engagement with social media aside from reading or hearing about what goes on there second hand from news outlets or other people.


I am a fan, but they are caprious in enforcing so called hate speech rules people threaten Trump and nothing happens. Alex has been right more often than not. Just repeating he is hateful is simply repeating the lefts narrative. Further the constitution should apply to electronic mediums especially since the public is invited to join. The left wants to snuff out conservative voices and if they get away with Alex then it is just a matter of time before going after Fox. I recommend seeing “Death of a Nation” by D’nesh. The Nazies did this and the left wants to try it again. Will we let them? If they throw him off for an Objective reason like if he published porn, I can see that but he hasn’t. Alex has supported Fox in the past. I think it is news worthy and we should support his platform. Maybe it is time for youtube to lose thier customers along with the others


Oh. :flushed:

You’ll fit in nicely here. Welcome to the forum.


Bro, get that ■■■■ out of here right now.

You don’t appear to have a firm grasp on what the 1st amendment says. I would encourage you to go take a basic civics class.

Please don’t waste any more of our time with garbage like this. I’m begging you.


It’s amazing how many of the far-right nutjobs claim they hate communisim/socialism/fascism/etc., then come and tell us how we should use those tools to only enforce the way of life they want.


Ron Paul was blocked by some of the others it is simply a matter of time. Drudge is next I am willing to bet. They have attacke diamond and silk. I know I am shadow banned on FB and Twitter. You should be concerned about this.


Alex Jones is wrong so often that he claimed that the sky was blue I would go outside and check.


What do you feel should happen to stop this?


You might not like him your choice but if you claim to be 1A supporter you have to support speech you don’t agree with. You let them get away with axing AJ, they will come for you. I am shadow banned on the major platforms which IMHO is worse than being upfront about it. Alex has more integrity than say CNN, or MSNBC etc. It is why he has millions of viewers. The left hates Hannity and they will come after him as well. You really don’t think they are capable of doing it? How about Rush or Laura ? They get away with this they along with Drudge are next I promise you!



So, two and a half men had more integrity than Alex Jones?

Ratings are ratings.


But those ‘censoring’ Jones are not the governm… Never mind.


Look, these businesses can’t refuse their services to customers because they find their behavior offens…

Uh, nevermind.


Their apparent lack of understanding the “isms” seems to be their driving consistency. In particular, Capitalism. And while not an “ism” it is followed closely by a lack of understanding of basic civics. As you astutely pointed out.