Appeals Court Scorches Judge for Barring Home School | Daily Report

This happened in Georgia. Evidently the trial judge in the underlying child custody case was very hostile to home schooling and ordered the mother to cease homeschooling and enroll the child in a Montessori School, evidently as the divorced father wished.

On appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals, the appellate panel reversed, with one of the Judges in particular bench slapping the **** out of the trial judge for usurpation of one of the most basic and fundamental rights of parenthood, the right of a parent to direct the education of her child.

Basically, the trial judge was told in no uncertain terms to **** off with her anti-home schooling bull ****.

Excellent decision and glad to see it was written very forcefully.

The link wouldn’t let me keep reading. Does the mother have custody, or is it joint custody?

The mother has sole custody.

Home schooling is a basic right but…schooling needs to be done…not just said it’s being done. The child and their education is what’s paramount here IMO.

Thank you.

If it is a legitimate investigation started with reasonable suspicion that home schooling is not being adequately conducted, that is one thing. Unfortunately, you have a lot of people that are personally hostile to home schooling and some of those happen to sit on the bench. They will look to any opportunity to inhibit or prohibit home schooling, so it really helps to have friendly faces on the appeals courts.

Do not get me wrong my friend, I agree. I’m just pointing out that the parent has both a right…and…an obligation…and both should be contemplated in the final decision.

I agree with you on that point, having home schooled my own kids. I think I did well, both sons have completed Masters degrees and are professionally employed and my daughter has a Ph.D. and is a researcher, so I can safely say that I did well. :smile:

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Ya just can’t argue with success my friend and congrats…on a job well done.

Sounds good