Appeals court says Article III judges don't have juristicion over Emoluments Clause

A federal appeals court on Friday unanimously ruled that more than 200 Democratic congressional lawmakers do not have standing to sue President Trump over allegations he violated the Emoluments Clause over foreign payments to his businesses.

“Because we conclude that the Members lack standing, we reverse the district court and remand with instructions to dismiss their complaint,” the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in its ruling.

quotes from a couple Dem congress critters makes it sound like they won’t appeal to the supreme court.

These are not gifts to the president, they are fee’s for a service.

So looks like Dem’s will need to try a different direction.


Trump laughing all the way to the bank.

If your renting a room, how is that a gfit? Please explain in complete detail. Please and thank you.

is anyone staying in those rooms.

This needs to be explained to you?

Dont worry. When A dem does it and you complain I’m gonna say tough ■■■■■

Name a dem candidate for President that owns a hotel, or any retail business.

Please and thank you.

What the ■■■■ does that have to do with what I said.

Said when it’s a dem…when…

Most likely it wont be because dems typically dont support crooks

Like Hillary Clinton? Or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? Or Maxine Waters? Or Obama? Hmm…

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I have read the Opinion of the Court, which was a unanimous per curiam. The dismissal was purely for lack of Article III standing by the Congressmen Plaintiffs. NOTHING was decided on the merits.

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Another Trump win?

As my title says no juristiction.

Lol…its so sad

For these particular Plaintiffs, yes.

For other possible Plaintiffs, case by case basis.

Link to the per curiam Opinion of the Court.

With Biden and Kerry.

How is Pocahontas worth 12 million wampums?

How about Bernie?

They can’t beat him.

Let’s say it’s a pretty nice room, and a fair market value, which is always charged to the regular folks, goes for $500 a night. But then someone says “Hey, I’ll rent it for a month, and pay $1,000 a night.”

What would you call that, exactly?

And your evidence of anything similar or comparable to this happening is . . .