Appeals court rules Trump admin must provide hygiene products for migrant children

“A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a previous court order mandating that the Trump administration must provide basic personal hygiene items to children in detention at facilities in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.”

Guys. A US Court just had to instruct the leader of the free world to give kids hygiene products while locked up.

Who can support this kind of stuff? Certainly not anyone of faith.

I can’t believe it is 2019 and a court had to rule on this… unfreaking believable.

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I can’t believe they have to be ordered to do this… Like ■■■■ you dude

Lets hope they do not come up with an idea to Gas them clean

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I remember a few weeks ago watching the DOJ Lawyer argue in front of the three Judges that a toothbrush and bar of soap were not necessary. Every one of the Judges seemed pretty amazed that she would even try that defense. And I was wondering if she really believed what she was saying or so scared of loosing her job that she had to sit there and spiel nonsense. And I also wondered who in the DOJ thought that this whole thing was a good idea.


I believe they think it’s a great idea. They’re sending a message to people on our Southern border not to come here.

Bigger question is how long will it take to conply with order…this admin does not have good track record

Actual religious people in the Republican party are going to put so much pressure on this administration that they will have to comply.

In just my opinion only a truly terrible person would argue against hygiene products for children. History will remember this.