Apparently, NK became an "extraordinary threat" after they ceased being a nuclear threat

… at least if you pay attention to a new executive order that our illustrious commander in chief has signed. The EO, which extends a national emergency which has been in place since 2008, also extends sanctions which have been in place due to NK activity as it relates to nuclear materials.

The EO had been expected, but it is an interesting contrast to a Tweet that Trump sent literally days ago stating that there is no longer a nuclear threat from NK. So, apparently, the nuclear threat from NK disappeared after the summit, only to reappear only a few days later. Interesting.

Full story:

“Trump claimed at a Cabinet meeting Thursday that denuclearization had already begun, although Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters a day earlier that he wasn’t aware that North Korea had taken any steps yet toward denuclearization, and that detailed negotiations have not yet begun.”

This effing guy.

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He even lies to his Cabinet? So Mattis is sitting there, knowing that NK hasn’t done a thing in regards to denuclearization, and Donny Jingles sits at the head of the table telling everyone there that they have? What the hell?

Trump: Lie.
Trump followers: We believe you!

That’s all that matters.


our president is a con man.


And it is getting harder and harder to deny that he is a con man. I’m sure his core group of supporters will keep trying though…

But Trump and Kim Jong Un forged a “wonderful agreement”.

To say otherwise…why that would border on treason…


As he has been all along.

Sad thing is, if they don’t “get it” by now, they never will.

Or, they’ll never admit it to the other side. Too much pride involved.

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Giving a brutal dictator legitimacy while lying to his supporters. He was right, he can shoot someone on 5th ave. and his supporters won’t give a ■■■■.

I notice his supporters are avoiding this thread like a plague - lol

Yeah, he’s been a con man for decades.

But what he did do was open the door for the nasty, current day republicans to proudly walk through. They’ve been waiting for a doorman like him all their lives.

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I wonder how the Putin summit will go? Probably stop doing military exercises in Europe.

Seems they might still be a threat