AP: Cohen loaned taxi mogul $26 million before election

I don’t get it. Didn’t Cohen say he had to borrow money to pay off the XXX star for our president? Where did this money come from?


Looks like a pretty standard investment to me. Cohen wants to get in on some of that sweet weed money.

If he’s borrowing to pay $130,000, how is he loaning $26,000,000?

i wont even loan a family member 20 bucks…

Michael is in business. He’s really a businessman, a fairly big business as I understand it, I don’t know his business. But this doesn’t have to do with me. Michael is a businessman, he’s got a business.

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Given the timing it seems suspect. Looks like he loaned the money after the 130k payment. If it we’re the other way around…one could say he was broke, which is why he had to take a loan out against his house.

I’m guessing that Mueller may know where the $$$ came from.

Help me out. Am I wrong in remembering that he said he had to do something with his mortgage to pay the $130k?

When asked where the $130,000 sent to Daniels’ attorney came from, Cohen told ABC News “the funds were taken from my home equity line and transferred internally to my LLC account in the same bank.”

“So let me get this straight ,” [Michael Avenatti] wrote. “Cohen now claims he borrowed $130k on his house and pays interest on it in order to give that same $130k (on behalf of a Billionaire) to a woman who according to him was lying.”

“News of Shtayner’s ties to the medical marijuana industry comes as the Trump administration finds itself somewhat split on marijuana policy.”

Looks like the article is just trying to get Trumps name next to someone from Ukraine and marijuana. Never mind the connection is someone whom one of Trumps lawyers does business with.

He drew on a Home Equity Line of Credit