AOC VS NYC: 58% of Ocasio-Cortez’ Home District SUPPORTS Amazon Headquarters Deal

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A surprising new poll published this week may spell big trouble for embattled Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with data showing a vast majority of her own New York district support the now-botched Amazon headquarters project.

According to the survey released by Siena College, 58% of Ocasio-Cortez’ district that covers parts of Queens and the Bronx actually favored the proposal that would have brought thousands of jobs to New York City’s outer boroughs.

“The freshman congresswoman, who unseated a 10-term Democratic incumbent, was one of several elected officials pushing back on Amazon’s planned expansion pointing at the secrecy of the deal itself, the lack of public input and the potential for gentrification and displacement resulting from 25,000 new highly paid tech workers in the area,” reports Fox News.

The poll also found that a whopping 57% of those asked believe it was “bad for New York” that the tech giant decided to abandon their massive new Big Apple headquarters.

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