AOC----US Parental Leave treats people worse than dogs

How do puppies separated from their mothers indefinitely after 8 weeks equate to paid time off for people to welcome their newborn through 6 weeks? Would she support the human baby be removed from it’s mother after 8 weeks? Does she support paying the dogs a wage for their time a grief when their puppies are taken away? Who should pay these dogs? Maybe just for female dogs that are paid employees? What about the male dogs that sired the female? Shouldnt they have rights?

For such a remarkable, intelligent, bartender that made it all the way to the US Congress, she sure comes across as dumb. Or maybe it was just the citizenry that elected her. What do you think here chances are in 2020?

Ha. She really gets under some people’s skin.

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One of those people is named Nancy Pelosi.

Paternity leave in the US is an embarrassment.

You say bartender like it’s an insult.

she is an insult to bartenders


Ooh sick burn.

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Middle American elitists

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Not at my company. It’s actually pretty good. I think it’s three or four months paid. Nobody is embarrassed.

I didnt “Say” anything…I typed it.

Why would you think being a bartender is an insult? Your elitism is showing…or is it white privilege?

How many of the 435 congress members were bartenders immediately before there stint in the house? It is quite an accomplishment for that young lady. Dont sell her short.

Yeah, the short hours, not paying taxes on eighty percent of my income and hot and cold running women were such a bummer in my twenties.

Why should any company be forced to pay for people’s children? If parents can’t afford them or don’t want to be separated after they’re born, don’t have them. Simple solution.

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Blah blah blah. I was bartender for years and you were throwing shots, not bigging her up. Trying to pull this lame ass “this is what I think liberals sound like so I’m gonna Saul Alinsky it.” Have you even met me dude.

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Not everyone is as fortunate as you.

That’s so pro-family of you.

Maybe we need to go back to the days when a mother stayed at home and raised the children? Do you think that may stop the mass shootings? They were a rare occurrence during those days? Do you think that may help children as they mature into adults not needing “safe spaces” and more capable of dealing with the issues life brings with it? Why stop at 6 weeks or 3 months? Why not raise happier children and have less assets? Just sayin…:sunglasses:


Funny. People have been having children since civilization began completely without expecting other people to pay for them. It’s a wonder we didn’t go extinct by now. Maybe that’s what happened to Neanderthal, not enough government programs to sustain them. :thinking:


Blah blah blah.My father owned a bar across from a factory in Detroit. What is your point? Further, what do you mean by asking “If I met you”? What does that have to do with anything?

Then maybe people should take their skills to a company who offers a better plan?

Because no one can ■■■■■■■ afford it these days.