AOC Un-Favorability Increasing, She Blames Fox News

In a twitter tirade emphasizing race, gender… The only things in her universe that matter to her.

Rather than think that has anything to do with her idiotic policy ideas like the “green new deal” (named loosely after “racist” New Deal) or her flat out arrogance in light of being treated like a movie star by the “Colbert” media, she blames the ever-looming boogeyman of all things left - fox news

is fox news really why she is becoming more and more unfavored?


She’s not wrong about Fox News. But she also is to blame.

She might want to blame her own mouth.


so FN shares some of the “blame”?

if so in what way?

(disclaimer - not trying to bait anyone)

AOC says blame.

Before this thread is done Fox will get credit.

Who cares?

Agreed. Green New Deal isn’t a serious policy imo despite having huge ramifications and she also gets attacked on an hourly basis for everything, not just the policy. Fox loves to put up the graphic of AOC, Tlaib, and Omar and people play dumb as to why.

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This article is conflating two different polls with different results. What Ocasio-Cortez responded to was a Fox lede that said (I’m paraphrasing) “AOC’s popularity has dropped among all groups except women, ethnic minorities and those under 35.” She pointed out that with those deletions FOX was defining white men over thirty-five as “all groups.” She wasn’t attacking the poll or the results, you was attacking Fox’s assumption that 35+ white men represent “all groups.”

Once up on a time, before conservative victimization become the defining narrative, most people would have recognized the implicit racism and sexism in Fox’s presentation of the results. Now, right wing snowflakes howl when bias is pointed out.

The piece cited here is conflating two stories to gin up outrage against AOC based on lies. Such treatment is the cost of being outspoken.


Yes. 2 tweets is a “tirade”. Meanwhile trump posts 14 tweets at the 3am on saturdays about mueller

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It couldn’t have anything to do with the Amazon fiasco that she is so proud of, could it now. :roll_eyes: The Amazon facility wasn’t going to be in her district, just the one right next to her district making it very “close for comfort” for her voters who should should be pretty peeved. :angry: Just my guess.


Unfortunately, This partilar cost of being outspoken is possible only because of a large portion of the population willfully accepting such manifestly false narratives.

We see it often.

You and your damned rationality, ruining the fun. :wink:

OK but that’s different, he’s been crucified by the lib mob Deep State progressive socialist Democrat media!

Poor, dear man.

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Day after day, FOX pounds AOC for her ideas and speeches. I can’t even turn on my car radio without hearing someone bash her. Jesus, leave her alone.

Besides, what matters is her constituents, not the whole country. Does she represent her constituents in a way that she speaks for them? I’ll tell you, I’d rather have her as my rep than the POS I’ve got now.

They’re desperate for a new boogey-man to whip the base into a panicked frenzy, and Clinton/Sanders/Pelosi are old news.


That’s some funny stuff right there. “All other groups except…”

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It’s almost as if all of conservative media has spent months constantly attacking and belittling her.

You can bet there’s another boogy-man just waiting in the wings. They’ve only gotten started.

Seriously. I hear about AOC probably 10x more from cons than libs. We’ve had socialist leaning politicians before. Something about AOC just gets under their skin.

And everytime Rush or some cons i know say her name they always say it with an overly mocked hispanic accent. Like they are triggered that she has a long hispanic name. Its really sad

Rush totally does that. He knows his audience.

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