AOC to President Trump: "we didnt ask you" regarding congress's request for Tax returns (4-3-2019)

"Congress: “We’re going to need a copy of the President’s tax returns from 2013-2018.”

45: “No, I’m ‘under audit.’ ”

Congress: “We didn’t ask you.”"

the request went to the treasury department (IRS) LOL.



Still under audit? Lol

Individual # 1 is about to have his taxes under more than an audit - lol

Tweet from Kaitlan Collins (CNN):

“If Neal is successful with his request, we will find out if Trump is under audit, as he’s insisted for years. The letter asks for whether the returns were ever under audit, for how long and why.

Allan (full disclosure I work for the corporation that owns CNN)

This will trigger the trumpflakes…

If he isn’t under audit then he has some explaining to do.

No he wont. Its trump. His supporters wont care if he’s been lying about being under audit

It’s just “hyperbole”…

One would think that if his reason for not releasing them was because he is under audit, and we find that he isn’t under audit, it would seem to me that if one were being honest with themselves that the President lying about this simple thing would give me pause.

I am not but there is a “But Hillary” out of that one.

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Totally legal and totally cool