AOC Searches for “Free Market”

but comes up short.

gotta give her credit for trying.



I cant believe that I got here first.

From the bottom of your link:

The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.


She just isn’t that into you

You all need to love on.


The Babylon Bee???

The Babylon Bee???


Thanks - I needed a good laugh this morning.

Ahh AOC what would cons do without her

Also from the Babylon Bee: Notorious Nazi Leader Ben Shapiro Outed As Jew.


Oh the irony of this posts and the thread starters name. Thinking?
Yeah okay.

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A poster who’s entire schtick is to rail against fake news…

…posts fake news.



Not quite as clever as DuffleBlog IMO, but definitely more diverse in its satire.

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you are the only one so far who realized i knew this was satirical!


Did you not read the first reply in this thread?

We’ll just have to take his word for it that he didn’t get to the bottom of the page before learning about the satire. :sunglasses:

whoa, wait…

this isn’t real???

These satire sites are great on Facebook. There’s never any shortage of people who explode over the article before learning it was satire. Many continue to double down afterwards. lol

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i think snopes even jumped on one of the “bee’s” articles.

haha yep here it is. snopes was scared to death that anyone would think AOC would be this… ahem stupid

hilarious about AOC on TPIR

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They also fell for the onion a couple of times back in the day.

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i think she’s taking up too much space in your head. Your not alone, lots and lots of other people keep thinking about her.

such fact checkers

like the babylon bee

and colbert
60 minutes
jimmy kimmel
rolling stone

oh and snopes, huh?

How many threads do you think you have started on her? Five, ten more?