AOC replacing Pelosi as chief villian for Republicans

And the word I used is “you”. Read what I write.

I would indeed vote for a dem if I could find one that believes in the Constitution. No problem.


I’d be happy to have your vote

Make them permanent. You get mine without the 10% cut.

Done and done. We also just modified it just a tiny bit so all income, regardless of where it originates (labor/cap gains etc), is taxed at the same rate. Making progress!

Nope. Typical politician, I give you a bird in the hand and you take a mile. Be gone, knave!

Blasphemy! That was not even a millimeter.

Anyone paying attention would know as soon as the Green New Deal press conference was over and what was in it was released republicans would run with it.

Especially after several democratic 2020 candidates gave their approval.

Democrats have been running for 2 and 1/2 years that the president of the U.S. is a Russian spy who committed treason which is punishable by death.

I am assuming most democrats are not to ashamed of that?

Not to me. She’s just the chief idiot. She should have a headdress. Maybe warren can hook her up.

Don’t really think of pelosi as a “villain” come to think of it. Though she is a lowlife scumbag America-hating dimocrat.

A dribbling idiot yes, but a villain? I don’t know, she seems to be too stupid for that.

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So I’ll count you as the third person who’s seen Mueller’s report.

Also please link to a Democrat who ran on the platform “Trump is a Russian Spy”.

Trump supporters in Michigan beg to differ with your assessment.


steve king is not a media darling

i wasn’t shocked either, but was surprised that so many so quickly realize the truth about her

lol. you would be embarassed

they’ve been collectively chanting the same stupid nonsense for years

why doesnt that embarrass you?

Link to a democratic president leading an audience to chant anything about locking up a political opponent.

Admittedly either of them know much about wind.

i personally wouldn’t mind if she were genuinely just an airhead. but she has a nasty mix of arrogance and naïveté, stoked by jackasses like colbert kimmel and shudderingly ugly bimm maher. bad combination.

the dribbling idiot media is the reason for that

The CEC certainly have been hyping her up as the Great Socialist Beast of Babylon.

Which is SOP, to be sure - keep the masses frightened and in line, with whatever tools are at hand.

chanting is metaphorical for everyone for the past two years + decrying about “collusion” fantasies like brianless robots

you need links for that?

there’s a good montage made of it i heard. i’ll lay it on ya if you still want to play this stupid game

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It’s kind of funny when you think about it. Trump & Co. are afraid of a freshmen Rep in her 20’s who essentially has very very limited power in what she can do. Meanwhile, Pelosi is Speaker - which means she is right behind the VP in succession and sets the agenda for the House.