AOC replacing Pelosi as chief villian for Republicans

not shocked to hear the chant “AOC sucks” at the Trump rally yesterday.

the new villain has replaced old reliable “Nancy Pelosi”

yeah Steve King sucks too but you dont ever hear it at campaign rallies for Dems.


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Need a villian because cant run on those tax cuts

I would be so embarrassed if Dems did chants like that.

Also taking their eye off Pelosi is gonna be a major blunder. She’s the one who can actually make things miserable for them.


Both Pelosi and AOC are kooks.


Make them permanent and bump to 10% you get my vote.

Funny coming hours after that cluster ■■■■ trump rally where he bragged about how smart he is at wind.

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sunsets in 2025, sneaky. it will be a grand sunset on the Trump tax returns.


Okay and so is Steve King but you dont see mobs chanting “steve King sucks”

r’s need a villian dems do not.


LOL No, they wouldn’t.

Pelouse is one of the most talented Soth ever.

We’ll see.

Sharron angle michelle bauchman todd akin no dem rally chanted things about them


I have large doubts you would vote for them even if they made the tax cuts permanent and lowered them to 10%.

Large doubts…:slight_smile:

I believe the “they” is the actions you presented, stating that those actions would not get you to vote for Democrats.

Next to Trump they are the picture of mental health.

Them who? I was talking to him. You don’t know me.

Does Donny have a nickname for her yet?

Because that’s what he does.

I would vote for @bluedogdem on those conditions.

The people in the title or Democrats in general.

And this is the internet, no one knows anybody…