Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


That’s not how it works. Law enforcement doesn’t comment on ongoing investigations.


It’s silly to suggest the Capitol Police need to confirm it. And she’s not the only one who’s had threats made against them.


Hogwash. The stories of kids separated from their parents are cruel and inhuman. And judges have agreed.

Again, this admin has been cruel and inhuman.

No president has made money directly like Trump has.


That certainly isn’t true. They don’t comment on the details usually but the certainly comment on the investigations themselves.

Quit making things up.

There’s zero evidence available to support her claims thus far period.


Leftist judges with a political agenda may agree but that doesn’t make it true.

Every parent who has ever been arrested and/or incarcerated has been separated from their kids and this administration has been completely within the law with their policies. Laws and court rulings which were all passed/made during prior administrations.

Washington, Jefferson and most of the early presidents continued to make money directly from their businesses during their terms in office. Carter continued to make money directly from his farming and processing operations throughout his presidency. The Kennedys, including JFK made money directly from their family enterprises throughout their terms in office.

Pelosi and Reid each made tens of millions from their family enterprises throughout their terms in congress and Pelosi continues to.


Making things up is saying the Capitol Police need to say something about an ongoing investigation. They don’t and they won’t.

  1. Unrelated to what we were discussing.
  2. Judges have ruled the families are to be reunited, so that point is wrong.
  3. Please give very specific and detailed proof that Washington, Jefferson and early presidents owned huge hotels all over the country and made the vast amount of money that Trump is.
  4. Provide detailed proof about your accusations of Pelosi. Reid is no longer in Congress, so he’s not in question.


You’re making that up. I didn’t say they “need” to comment on it.

Unless and until they do however their is zero evidence to support her claims.


IT’s completely related since it is absolutely true. The only judges making such rulings are those that are leftwing political activists and have been throughout their careers.

Same for your number two.

Three, asking me to support something else I never said. True to form for you.

Reid is completely relevant since we’re discussing history.

Pelosi benefits directly from the legislation she endorses and gets passed.


It’s pretty cool. Except when I have to explain to people how omniscient is spelled. :wink:


To be fair, the same is true with Clinton also. Reality is most Americans simply don’t closely follow politics like we all do. They have at best a cursory understanding of big, broad strokes. Some not even that. Not detailed specifics covering the whole array of topics a given candidate may be running on.

Surely you’re not disputing that are you? Trying to claim that the majority of Americans are dialed in to all aspects of politicking? Because that would just be bonkers my friend.


I’m ignoring “Newsmax” and WFB as sources since they’re not real journalism sites.

As for the CBS News link, did you miss the words “could have been seen as a conflict of interest.” No charges there, only a question. The same sort of questions about Trump (with even more evidence) you routinely dismiss.

Case dismissed.


Ever heard of “The Congressional Record”? Ever heard of YouTube?


Name those here worshipping the ground she walks on.


Madasheck to start. He’s constantly saying how much he loves her, how awesome she is because she upsets cons, has a picture of her as his avatar… and that took 10 seconds.


Then you can link those worshipful posts for us.


Name those here who are “afraid”.

Criticism does not equal fear. Well, maybe in your world it does, but not in mine.


Cons aren’t scared of AOC particularly. They are scared as hell of what she represents, her ideas and the fact that those ideas are becoming more mainstream every day.


They should be.


Most viewed on twitter by a politician…41 overall…

As much as i hate to say it…she has legs…