Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


I know you are pointing out the quick reversal of that stupid ■■■■ from her team, but as we know, nothing is ever gone from the internet. :wink:


Absolutely no basis in fact anywhere for this claim but do carry on.


When you make an accusation the onus is on you to provide the proof.


So she imagined the phone calls at her office?


Who’s to say? It’s her claim with no actual tangible proof posted to back it up. I’m pretty sure she may think she’s the only Congresscritter that this has ever happened to, if it did indeed happen, but she’s not that special. I’m sure they all deal with crap of this type every day. Victim status however, is so alluring to her supporters.


Scary thought. She’s a babbling moron with honors and a post graduate degree.


She probably made it up, I’ve seen no evidence to support the claim have you?


Victimhood is cool.


I’ve seen no evidence that Donald Trump has made America great. Have you?


The economic numbers show he’s doing a pretty good job of it so far.

Historically low UE.

Lowest Black UE since records have been kept.

Lowest Hispanic UE since records have been kept.

Real wages rising.

Inflation holding at 2% or less during a period of better growth than we ever saw during the previous administration.

Tax revenues at historic highs as a result.

What’s not great about that?


She really has you guys scared, that becomes more obvious daily.


No she has us laughing. The only thing scary about her is that folks on the left are buying her BS.


You guys often get caught laughing, then get it stuck to ya. :wink:


Well that’s more babbling partisan nonsense.

She can’t even answer basic questions about her biggest policy plank from friendly interviewers without a blank face and puking up gibberish


The appropriate authorities have seen it. What evidence do you have she made it up?


Really? Provide links to the evidence then.


Notice the 2nd part of her tweet where she says the threats are forwarded to Capitol Police? Like I said the proper authorities have the evidence.

  1. His horrible policies have resulted in the separation of children from their parents.
  2. He’s gone through more Cabinet and staff members than a bad baseball manager goes through substitute players.
  3. He’s making money off his private businesses.
  4. Men directly associated with him have been arrested, convicted and indicted for actions during his campaign and his admin.
  5. More people are getting less money back from tax returns.

And that’s only five …


Which is nothing but an unsupported claim on her part.

Is there anything from the Capitol Police or FBI confirming the calls or substance of same?


Hogwash. Parents have always been separated from their kids when they are arrested or incarcerated.

Thousands of kids were separated from parents under the last administration as well.

No president prior to Trump has been required to divest themselves of any of their business or investments either and all have come out of office richer than they went in.

Like it or not the country is doing great under his presidency and the numbers prove it.

As for the tax returns, again, you pain in less and get a smaller return. No surprise.