Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


What makes you think each member of SCOTUS thinks Obamacare is unconstitutional?


You think you got away with it?


Do we think we “got away with” Obamacare?


So Justices didn’t follow their oath and eliminating the mandatory requirement is Trumpcare.

Great. Another campaign promise fulfilled.


Origination clause also.


I’m not familiar…


I’m sure this is a “radical” agenda to some as it is to Fox News. Go get 'em, AOC. :laughing:


She wants drancionian gun control measures. She literally doesn’t give a ■■■■ about the second amendment.

She wants zero emissions in ten years. Mandated vegetarianism since cows fart and produce emissions. No more air travel - hope you like taking a boat to go overseas.

Yes, radical.


But also the right things to do.


Seizing guns and banning airplanes is the right thing to do?

Authoritarian much?


Has she really advocated seizing guns? I am not saying she hasn’t, I just didn’t know she had.


Im sorry screw old people… bunch of old peoplke whinning about their hips, young people and the price of things…


She wants weapons bans and firearms turned in. She also wants firearm-lobby money banned from Congress.

Can I choose a type of money I don’t like going to Congress? Can I prohibit that one type of money?


Good question. My first thought is no, absolutely not, under SCOTUS’ First Amendment case law.


Good. She’s an idiot.


If that’s referring to the Trumpcare plan, you’re 100% wrong. There is no plan. Trump doesn’t understand the first thing about health care and couldn’t be bothered to learn.


Hey, watch who you’re talking to, whippersnapper. :laughing:



What’s it like to be omniscent?


She’s the best authority on the subject.


Is there proof there have been none?