Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


You dispute this?


How do you know when to believe ‘fake news’ sources?


No, it was obamacare. ■■■■ law.


Of course I do. Pundits regurgitate the narrative.


Who told you that?


Donald regurgitates the talking points FOX gives him. He’s the poster child of the very phenomenon we’re discussing.


Narrative and talking points are two different things.


In Donald’s case you couldn’t be more wrong. He defies intellectual gravity.


Your hatred blinds you. He has fulfilled more campaign promises more quickly than any POTUS in recent history.


He’s surpassed all before him, and is the smartest, most efficient, and biggest handed president in the history of ever.


See what I mean about your hatred?


Recalibrate your sarcasm meter.


Speaking from experience?

Cons here hated when Obama fulfilled his campaign promises.

(Putting on my ‘con’ hat) “We hated the policy, not the man. Completely different.”

Which explains why dems had to defend Obama’s choice of mustard.


No, it seems that FOX/ right-wing radio people can’t get enough of her.


No, I’m not speaking from experience about hatred.

Feel free to prove I ever mentioned mustard.

Obamacare is unConstitutional.


It’s the words democratic socialist that scares the crap out of them.


The term doesn’t concern you?


I think that in truth they are capitalists first if push comes to shove, most of them at least.


Then they are not democratic socialists as they claim to be. I take them at their word.


High minded idealists. They support people owning businesses and having good jobs too though. Owning a business, a successful one at least. generally puts you in at least middle to upper middle class if not better.