Aoc plays a game about corruption in congress


How is that any different than what you dems are doing?


Agreed, that’s where the victimization, anger, and desire for revenge comes in.


Ignore congress…what…qhy do you guys always do this…you say something we never bring up…there is a difference between…and you may want to sit down for this…

The president…a freshman congresswoman and congress as a whole…i know its mind blowing…


It’s also about blaming others for older, lower middle class white people’s inability to be anything but lower middle class. “It’s not your fault, _______ has been keeping you down.”


This is correct. What’s truly interesting is that the blank is never filled with the person or company you work for.


Little girl???

That’s Pretty condescending compliment…


Based on the comments of the punditry class, for one. She’s the CEC boogey-man du jour. Now, whether they fear her or just find her amusing, who can say. But they are certainly crafting a narrative around her that’s based in fear.


Yeah, like all the people that voted for Trump to keep Hillary out of the position. Must be been pretty important.


LOL. Oh the irony.


White Privilege


She is a little girl.


Why do you listen to pundits? That’s a silly thing to do.


Do both sides to it? No one’s denying that.

Did Trumpism take it to new levels exploiting the fear and anger conservatives feel and the CEC derives its profits from? Most definitely. What is curious is how few Trump supporters seem to realize that what Donald is destroying most is conservatism, the very thing they look to him to save. There’s the true irony.


Who is keeping Trump from completing his campaign promises?


Who on this forum is worshiping the ground she walks on?


Not silly at all. Pundits drive the narrative and provide the public with their talking points. What’s silly is taking it as gospel. What’s even sillier is dismissing it as ineffective.


No. Obamacare “took it to new levels.”


Pundits drive the narrative!


Start by looking at the people with her as their avatar.


No. CEC reaction to Obamacare, and whipping the Tea Party demographic into hysterics over it, is what took it to new levels.

Big Papa Grifter saw the means of personal profit in that hysteria, and played it masterfully. Too bad for the nation he’s utterly inept and unable to perform the job he won.