AOC, Pelosi, et all need to be expelled for their retoric

Trump is impeached because his “retoric” lead to people storming the capital . . .

Well the Dem’s retoric is leading to letters like this being sent to those who have Trump flags and other Trump stuff in their yards.


If Trump is responsible for what others do, then so are the Democrats!

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That is a super scary font

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One thing you got to hand to Obama is that he never rallied his base to want to murder his Vice President. But the scary font…

That’s pretty much the sentiment towards people who still have Trump crap up in my hood, which is heavy Trump country. Take that crap down it’s beyond weird at this point.

1 vote for nothing wrong with these letters

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2 votes for nothing wrong with these letters

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When the GWoT turns domestic, it’s the leftist terrorists who will fill up most of the cells. Jan 6 was an excuse for a greenlight.

The person who wrote it is a busybody ■■■■■■■■

If someone is flying a Trump flag long after the election they have problems that they should look in to… could be as benign as procrastination

Oh hell no. Weird or not, it’s first amendment protected speech. Nobody is obligated to take anything down because liberals are afraid or think it’s weird.

Sorry bout your luck.


According to whom? Who decides that? Their political opponents? I don’t think many will be taking your advice. So what should be done?

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Man… if you are still flying a Trump flag long after the election you are kind of a weirdo.

I get bumper stickers… they don’t come off too easily… but flags… there isn’t something clicking right.

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Not in this HOA lol.

Man…you’re not getting it. They don’t care if Jezcoe thinks their weird. I think they’re perfectly fine with you thinking this. Why should they care? And what would you do about it?

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Once again, no condenmation of the letter but saying some Trump supporters have problems they should look into.

People gripe about HOA’s but I like them. It keeps people from doing stupid things like having a car up on blocks in the front yard, painting their house purple, opening a welding business in their garage or flying Trump political signage. Makes for a nice looking neighborhood and keeps property values up.

And another who doesn’t condemn the letter, but says some Trump supporters are weird.

They don’t have to care.

Just like someone flying a Confederate flag they are publicly telegraphing whether or not it is worth the effort to engage with them.

I am actually thankful that they save me the time.

No, it’s definitely wrong, but I don’t search for letters on the internet to try to whatabout things.

The first sentence was a condemnation.

The second sentence is an acknowledgment that anyone still flying a Trump flag is a weirdo

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Well good. I’m glad they could help you then. It’s a win win.