AOC not happy with cuts to NYPD funding

She’s throwing another fit. Why? Because the dingbat doesn’t think a 1.5 billion dollar cut is enough. Her timing is less than stellar. With crime spiking in NY she thinks it would be great to remove the cops and send in the social workers? May I suggest that they send in the social workers without po-leece protection? Good idea?

Biden is a pushover, if he wins, this the dingbat will be influencing national and international policy.

You almost made me feel sorry for the people that voted for them.

:grin:… We’ll see how they like a two hour response time to a rape or mugging. :man_shrugging:

Crime be spiking who can say why.

Calling her a ding bat is a bit of an insult to ding bats. :wink:

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True. Would nit wit be an insult to nits?

It already has and the “cuts” haven’t even been implemented!
Extra butter on my popcorn please, this is gonna be good.

That young woman is one of the dumbest possible members of Congress. What an idiot.

Would cement head be insulting to …
Forget it, that nit wit ding bat is a cement head!
Dumballsio and the NYC “leaders” surrendered to lawlessness and the anarchistic mobs won’t consider a $1 Billion or any sum adequate enough.

She’ll need some catching up to beat Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert.

Why do so many of her pictures look like she is throwing some type of Veruca Salt tantrum?

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Sorry guys. She already has a boyfriend.

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I’m out of her league anyway. By all indications, she would probably look decent in a bikini. But that doesn’t make her less of a dingbat.

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The complaint is that nothing really changes but the status quo gets paid out of different budgets.

She has a point.

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Gohmert is Einstein compared to AOC.

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Hey, now don’t be casting aspersions on my asparagus.