AOC mentioned 3,181 times on Fox in just six weeks


Why they simultaneously support a spoiled brat who would crush their small businesses in a heartbeat.


It’s kind of a dangerous game because I think that Trump won the election (and continues to be relatively popular ) in no small part due to constant liberal attacks on him.

Basically, one side’s boogey men/women will be the other side’s objects of admiration and may well be positioned to be leaders of the country one day in the near future.


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|Obama, Barack (D)|$2,062,440|

|Clinton, Hillary (D)|$1,528,802|

|Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA)|$251,611|

|Sanders, Bernie (I-VT)|$124,808|


Oh and…

This Jim DeMint?

|DeMint, Jim (R-SC)|$266,439|



Nostradamus wrote in 1515

Come a millennium, year 19,
The village idiot will be brought forth,
With the teeth of a horse,
And be proclaimed The Boss.



They know their easily manipulated base!

They’re scared of their own shadows, which is why they need their guns and their religion.

Seriously, considering how macho many con guys think they are, they’re not nearly as brave as many libs I know.

The irony is stark.


Why would a man with a gun and everlasting life be afraid of anything?


Meaning the idiots who voted for him have learned nothing. Thank gop they are the minority.


Are you better?

You don’t have to work so hard to beat the stereotype. We get it.


Also, a lot of people like his polices. And they LOVE the fact that he drives the liberals so berserk to go back to the point I was making.


Yeah, and Obama is mad he isn’t getting enough credit for it:

Obama, Nov. 27: I was extraordinarily proud of the Paris Accords because, look I know we’re in oil country and we need American energy. And by the way, American energy production, you wouldn’t always know it, but it went up every year I was president. And you know that whole suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer … that was me, people.


Uh oh


You think it would be any better to just ignore what he is doing?


I’ve never suggested ignoring what anyone is doing. Does everything have to be either 100% or 0% ?