AOC mentioned 3,181 times on Fox in just six weeks


Sometimes gold just drops into your lap.

Oh damn what a burn.

One more time for good measure:


Nah i like mine better

Shes a dope




Ten bucks you can’t name your own Rep.
Bonus bucks if you can name others.


The Malibu’s Most Wanted of memes.


Lemme guess…it’s a deflection of hurt feelings for how many times libs were duped with the many deep discussions with Michael Avenatti…amirite? :sunglasses:


Most likely :joy:


Compare Trump 2016 “I love wikileaks” and Trump 2019 “knows nothing about wikileaks”.

Which is worse? As the President of the USA he lies about wikileaks or he is so incompetent and ignorant that he truly doesn’t know anything about wikileaks? Talk about a rock and a hard place.


The mere mention of AOC gets them all riled up.

Given time, this thread will continue on with over 1000 posts, easily.


Let’s bet a pizza on it? How much time to hit 1000…and you can’t post anymore after you answer? :sunglasses:


Hmmmm i do recall Fox doing this. Fox counting how many times Obama said I


GOP 2020 campaign: vote for us, or some freshman congresscritter might jump out of the woods and yell “BOO!!”


Come on now. We need to share the love.


i start a lot of threads about Trump or republicans about news i know they’d never hear about if i didn’t post it. those threads get limited discussion.

let’s see how many posts this one gets. it’s already started faster.


Here’s another mention for her…

The secret of the Green New Deal is that this valentine to socialism from Senator Ed Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already obsolete.

For the American people have already passed their Green New Deal, through the miracle of free market innovation - not in the House and Senate but in the Permian Basin, at the Bakken Formation and the Marcellus Shale. The left will not admit it, but the fact is Americans are living in a golden age of clean energy, right now.


A few posters who normally dive headfirst into these types of threads haven’t shown up yet. Give it time.


My opinion is AOC is in their heads because she’s young, female, smart and social media savvy.


The Miracle of Free Market Innovation is giving Jim Demint money.


Alexandria OCASIO-Cortez is the biggest threat to America since the civil war. She has radicalized the DEMOCRAT party into adopting RADICAL ideas like a LIVING WAGE. It’s not surprising that Fox News is spreading the word about how dangerous she is. My only fear is that instead of ruining her career by spreading her ideas, Fox News might be making her a bigger TREAT than she otherwise would have been. Instead of an INEFFECTUAL freshman representative, now her representatives have a national figure representing them.


It’s additionally funny how they are trying so hard to make her out to be stupid…and try to run down her blue collar roots as a bartender.