AOC gets history wrong on FDR and the 22nd Amendment

This is a massive whooper for AOC. I mean, massive. She lost all credibility I ever had of her.

AOC doesn’t know history.

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez claimed that when FDR was president, we had a strong economy, civil rights, and the Democrats had massive majorities in congress. It wasn’t until the mean-old Republicans came by and stopped FDR from running for a 5th term. She stated that the GOP had to amend the constitution in order to prevent FDR from being President again.

This is one of the ridiculous statements I have ever read. It’s a massive re-vision of history.

For starters, FDR was no friend to civil rights. He put Japanese Americans into interment camps. He jailed media figures for saying bad stuff about the war. He opposed integrating the military. The economy was in the Great Depression, and only got out of it, when we got into WW2.

The 22nd amendment was passed in Congress in 1947 and was ratified in 1951. FDR died on April 12th 1945, less than 3 months in his fourth term.

How in the world can she get this terribly wrong? Does AOC really believe the GOP stopped FDR from running again? Is she really against the 22nd amendment or believe we should have Presidents for life?

If there’s any AOC fans around here, please tell me this was a joke or she recanted on her statements?

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Remember, getting things wrong isn’t a thing anymore.

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In all fairness, Trump would have screwed it up worse … and probably will.

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Do they even teach this in high school? If so, perhaps she was snoozing that day.

She is so fun to watch! Especially because she is a Democrat Politician
as well!!! lmao!

FDR like did stuff and stuff, and he was like bad and stuff. lol.

The 22nd amendment specifically excluded the then current President from being affected by its terms.
Being dead overruled the exclusion, though.

of course … not only do dead democrats vote, dead democrats run for president…

FDR was a great President.
His only failure was not stopping the Germans from bombing Pearl Harbor.


This is how the younger generation views politics tbrough identity politics.


You support Trump.


Dealing with people who support this sociopath in the White House is easy!


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That is correct. Eisenhower was the first President to be impacted by the amendment.

Fun Fact: Ronald Reagan wanted to repeal the 22nd Amendment, and Democrats wanted to repeal while Clinton was President.

Personally, I agree with the 22nd amendment. Give all people a shot. We don’t want to be like Russia, and have one President for an entire generations lifetime.

At least she didn’t accuse the GOP of killing FDR.

Even if you didn’t know anything about the 22nd amendment, most people would see through the bad logic of: The Democrats held strong majorities? Yes. Yet somehow the GOP was able to amendment the constitution being in the minority.

Whataboutism. I think this thread is about aoc and her lack of knowledge.

I started it.

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That’s correct. Trump gets roasted for good and for bad every day, every minute. AOC doesn’t get called out for factual errors, especially a massive one on asserting that the good ole’ GOP stopped FDR from running for President again.

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The 22nd amendment was ratified because FDR was popular and likely would have served for life if it hadn’t been. He was popular because he was the first person to get the ball rolling on citizens voting themselves money out of the treasury, something the Founders warned us would lead to the end of our liberty and this country. What’s happening now? The government is spying on us. The country is going broke. Rights are being stripped from us. Now they’re talking about doing away with the electoral college. The real question though: How could anyone not see this coming?

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AOC’s statement would have been correct, if she put it that way. But that’s not what she said. Her view was the country was doing great, and then the GOP in the minority magically changed the constitution to prevent FDR from winning another election. That’s of course is wrong.

Of course. AOC is an idiot. No disputing that. Of course, she’s also merely a distraction from the real problem. A Central Government that is no longer operating within its Constitutionally limited scope.


Your first sentence could be misconstrued as saying essentially the same thing as AOC.

Not if it’s read in context it can’t.