Anyone want Leveon Bell to remain in the NFL?

I’m disappointed that there are teams vying for his services.

He quit on the Steelers and his teammates last season, jerking them around for the whole year.

He should never be able to put on a football uniform again.

He didn’t quit on them. He exercised his right not to sign a franchise offer.

You have a different definition of “quit” then me.

Tell the team at the beginning of the season you’re not going to play, if that’s what you want. Don’t jerk them around for a whole year - “will he or won’t he play.”

I always laugh at silly threads like this. Are you posing this question to fans or the other 31 teams? If it’s the latter, well sorry, fans have zero say who plays in the leauge. If it’s the former, teams will do whatever they think it takes to win. I’m sure Bell’s supposed quit factor will be considered.

I don’t blame him one bit.

He told them he would only play the minimum number of games to qualify as a FA in 2019. During the season he found out he didn’t have to play any games to qualify, so he didn’t play any games. The Steelers screwed him by tagging him twice in a row, so he did what he thought was best for him.

He will most definitely find another team, but it will be really funny if he gets less guaranteed money than what he would have made last year.

There’s a reason smart teams like the Patriots never pay running backs big salaries. They are easily replaceable.

Well, he did. He told them before the season started he wouldn’t play if they franchised him. More of the speculation came from the media than Bell.

I side with Bell. In a league where contracts are not actually guaranteed I side with the players doing what they need to get paid. Especially RB’s since their careers are usually short and detrimental to their health.


Looks like Bell will be a Jet.

He screwed up big time. He could have gotten this same contract plus the 15 million dollars he gave up last year.

He didn’t screw up. He took a chance that didn’t pan out as lucratively as he hoped. He did, however, end up getting a contract with considerably more guaranteed money than what the Stillers were offering.

Dude was trying to work himself as an asset in the spirit of capitalism. As it worked out he came out pretty much in a wash.

In some years he would have come out great, i. Years like this one where rbs are easily replaceable the fact he got nearly even money is pretty decent.

Whay can you say, he played the game. These days very few players care about loyalty and why should they? It isnt like NFL teams take care of players past their usefulness.

And the guarenteed money is what counts in NFL contracts.

Precisely. Jets offered him 35 guaranteed. The true guaranteed from Pittsburgh was 17M

Especially at his position (RB) and age.

Yep. Its why the franchise tag is so hated by players. You get well paid one year but your one bad injury away from that being your last paycheck. Bell was smart to not sign the tag because he’s getting far more money now guaranteed than he would have last year on a team that is well known for running RB’s into the ground.